Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy - Rain It Pours

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'Tis the season to be jolly

(Jolly, for what) hell if I know

I just don't get it, tell it like it is

It's on, truth hurts

[Chorus - 2x]

It's like the sun in the summer

It's like the cold in the winter

And when it rains it pours

Y'all keep sweating these hoes

And doing this one for the poor ones

[Trick Daddy]

This one here is dedicated for them hatas, I wrote it for my niggas

Who ain't here they couldn't make it, let's face it

The dope game is getting shaky

When shit get flaky, see most niggas can't take it

I done seen the biggest dope dealas turn squealas

And yesterday's killas, today's fucked niggas

?That's defined? on behalf of the state

Your main key witness, and won't involve me with em

You could set me up to crush time

It ain't selling the vines so nigga, lay down and do your time

Cause, back when you was kingpinning

I was sitting off in prison, and you ain't send me a penny

And closing arguments can't get me

I had it deep for the state, caught his first witness

That's right, that's right

From one heat to another, you a sucka

[Chorus - 2x]

[Trick Daddy]

As an American, I think the whole world's against us

It took 9-11 just to convince us

That we got wars going on

And it's way bigger than thugs, this shit's deeper than drugs

Suicide bombings, and air attacks

All the planes that were hijacked, and all of our politics

So I guess that makes me a democrat

The Republican party problems are worrying about crack

If I could speak another language, I'd say it in

French, Spanish damn it, so everybody understand it

Want everybody on the planet, that if you anti-thug

I guess you gets no love, from us

[Chorus - 2x]

[Trick Daddy]

Where are the police at when you really need em

How can you chastise a child, if you ain't allowed to beat him

Want to screaming for no reason

Why you keep reproducing if you know you can't feed em

If he leave you, don't blame him

He the father of two mugs so regardless, you ought to raise em

And it might seem outrageous

This unsafe sex these days quite dangerous

And stop killing these babies, I mean it, I love em

If you don't want em give em to me I'll raise em

Truth is, that the future is our kids, and every playa with skills

Should be in the NFL, for real

[Chorus - 2x]


'Tis the season to be jolly

(Jolly, for what) hell if I know

I just don't get it, tell it like it is

It's on, truth hurts

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