Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy - Noodle

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Verse 1:

What I gotta ball?

Just to get all up in them draws

And get the Benz with the 20' inch Lorenz's

And put TV's in it and all

Shit, cause these my dawgs and dem

Keep letting me know

You ain't ready for that

Don't hang in the hood no mo'

Guess you too heavy for that

Don't even go to school ho

Thinking everything is cool ho

I made up a name especially for you ho

A noodle

Look bad with the Prada bags

Take it in the mouth or the ass (mouth or the ass)

Only see the Benz's and the Jags

Anything less than that you gotta show her some cash

Cause every nigga with bread you probably done fucked 'em

And anybody in the game who doing they thing

Ho best believe you done sucked 'em

You let 'em bust you all in yo rectum

Getting bumps and major infections


Ol' dumb ass bitch

And you still ain't learned you lesson

You a?

Hook: 2x



It's the same hoooooes


Verse 2:

You ain't shit

And ya sister ain't shit

And ya mammy and shit

And you the same ho sitting on yo ass

Waiting on me like I'm yo WIC

Bitch please

You still waiting

I'm still hating

You still making me sick

I can't stand a lazy ass bitch

I make 'em say nooodle

Ol' foot dragging ass, nasty stinking ass bitch

Stop worrying about what I got and get yo own shit

Same hoes

All you good for is some head and a back massage

A lil' suck and fuck when I nut up, cut up, shut up, bitch get up

What up

Its bad for me on some nuttin ass hoes keep harassing me

On how I do

It don't pertain to you

So bitch stop asking me

Now pardon me on the words I used

See young ladies ought to be excused

And when u see one

Point that noodle out so my dawgs don't get confused

I'm talking bout?

Hook: 2x



It's the same hooooes


(Talking to end)

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