Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy - I Wanna Sang

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[T] Whassup little man, what's wrong wit'chu?

[T] Why you lookin so sad - what's wrong?

Man, I went to school today

and the teacher said I couldn't be no rapper

[T] Say what? Why she tell you that?

She told me I had to be somethin, that's more realistic

like I could actually be, like a construction worker or somethin

[T] Man, construction workers ain't realistic man

[T] You can't be out there in that sun all day, boy it's hot out there

[T] Man, just keep on goin to school, get your education

[T] That way, you can be anything you WANT to be

[Chorus: sung]

I just wanna sing, can I, sing you a song

I bet you'll love it (I just wanna sing) yeah yeah yeah

(I-I ain't askin for much)

[T] Well go 'head then

I just wanna sing, can I, sing you a song

I bet you'll love it (I ain't askin for much)

[Trick Daddy]

Listen; I just wanna make music, I just wanna verse or two

In fact, man, I wanna be a rapper too

And I could probably sing the blues

Cause I got problems too, plus I growed up in the projects too

Well can you put me on your soundtrack?

Cause I got a good theme song that Berry white could probably sing on

Yo, I just want a chance at stardom

I just wanna be more than a thief or robber

Well, what about a remix? And I could probably make the beat

and get it done all in less than a week

And make it clean for the radio, so the kids could watch the video

Yo, but y'all don't hear me tho

Man, I just want a crack at it

If I fail I'll be back, cause I refuse to be a crack addict

I wanna prove the critics wrong

What started off with a poem and then turn it into a song

Now I'ma sing it for you

[Chorus w/ minor variations]

[Trick Daddy]

Listen to me! I wanna be a legend one day, that way

I can be put in the same category with Barry White and Marvin Gaye

And have a tribute dedicated to me

Sell platinum records and win Grammys so that the world can see

you could be anything that you want to be

Play sports or make music, just put your mind to it

And yo, I ain't the typical 'American Idol'

But when I'm done, I'm sure the boy Simon'll like me

Everybody can't act rap, and no matter how real the dream seem

e'rybody can't sing

But, there's another Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods

somewhere right in the hood, plus

Yo you ain't never seen a, meaner team

of tennis players than Venus and Serena

So, it's people like that that helped people like me

And they gave me the courage to sing, so I'ma sing it for ya

[Chorus w/ minor variations]

[Trick Daddy]

I wanna do commercial and TV shows

I wanna blow and sell records like the BeeGees sold

And I don't really need a chaffeur, I don't need a maid or a cook

Just a vacumn cleaner and coasters

And I can cook and clean for myself - with the right promo team

I feel, I can really do big things, and

I could probably write me a book

With all the stuff I got to tell 'em, it's got to be a best seller

And it's way deeper than a Coke and a smile

Why go to schools when the teachers ain't helpin us out?

My art teacher drive a Benz but he ain't bein artistic

I got music second period but the class won't listen

I wanna sing

[Chorus w/ minor variations]

[Trick Daddy over Chorus as it repeats]

So, to all the kids

All the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers of the world

Y'know? Our kids need encouragement

We need a reason, ya kno what im sayin

Let's show 'em somethin, let's give 'em somethin to look forward to

So all you teachers that ain't doin your job, y'all step aside

Cause I got a little brother and sister that's gon'

grow up one day and be a teacher, and she gon' actually TEACH somethin

Y'know? She gon' make it worth comin to school y'know?

It's deeper than free lunch now

I just wanna sing

I used to be just like you

But thank God, we got greater later

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