Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy - Booty Doo

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(feat. Webbie & International Jones)

I Like It When Ya Booty Do(Giggle To Da Left)

I Like It When Ya Booty Do (Giggle To Da Right)

You Know What I Will Do To You(Why's That)

I Like The When Ya Booty Do(Aight)

I Like It When Ya Booty Do(Giggle To Da Left)

I Like It When Ya Booty Do(Giggle To Da Right)

You Know What I Will Do To You(What You Sayin')

So Why Play Wit It Let A Real Man Hit It

[Verse One: Trickdaddy]

I Like'em Tall Dark Skin Thick And Fine Ass Nice Around Pants Size 7,8 Or 9 And When She Walk She Walk Like She On Da Run Way And Da Paparazzi Taken Pictures Of Dat Booty And When Them Flashes Go To Flashin She Go To Shaking That Ass Faster And Faster Big Ol' Ass Just Clapping And When They Put Her Song On Its Like Girls Gone Wild Cause She The Headliner And The Girl Poor And Proud But If They Break It Down She'll Slow It Down And Look Back At It Dat's If She's A Real Vet Wit It But She Gotta Have Hips Wit It And Know That One Flat Ass Can Make A Whole Click Look Bad But To All You Lil Booty Bitches Eat Ya Biscuits Get Thicker Bitches I Know Some Niggas Wanna Fuck Wit Cha But It's Plain And Simple They Like Em Thicker A Lil Bit Bigger Like To Tussle Wit Em Fo They Hit'em


[Lil Webbie:]

What's Happenin Wit Cha Mama I'm Jus Hollin What It Do Go Put Yo Clothes On Cause Ya Comin Wit My Crew Oh You A Big Girl I Just Love When Them Thighs Loose No Time To Fuck Around It's Goin' Down In My Room A Whole Thang Of Ice 5th Of Brown And A Thang Of Goose Man Call Trick And Tell Them Niggas To Bring The Juice A Couple More Boxes Of Rubbers Cause She The Truth I'm Sayin She A Bad Ass Bitch And She'll Prove It Ass And Some Fat Ass Tities Yeah They Juicy Dancin Just Like One Of Them Bitches That Make Movies Bust My Nut Quick She Was Ready To Take Boosie She Bent Over And Told Him She Want It In Her Booty Big Fine Work It Right On Time Wit The Music Make A Nigga Spend His Last Dime On That Coochie A You Know How She Do It Chanel, Prada Or Gucci Super Fire Rough Bitch Make A Nigga Nut Quick Shit



She Gotta Tattoo Of A Kitten By Her Cat And A Pair Of Paws Runnin Down The Side Of Her Draws She From The Tri-State Dawg And She Done Tried It All She So Fine You Mash Rewind And Nigga Press Pause But Let A Play Be A Playa Bout' It Shackle Handcuff Her Da Sucker Hell Give That Girl Some Love But Not You Ya Like It When Her Booty Do She Like It Too And Likes What It Do To You She Playin Her Mind Games Flirtin Wit You Have Conversations Why She Playin Wit Her Tounge Ring She Lookin Mean In Them Low Cut Fitted Jeans The Finest Thing You Ever Seen Wearin A Belly Chain Plus Her Man He Gettin A Lil Change Doin Illegal Things And She Expect For You To Buy Her Things They Say Money Can't Buy You Love And It's Funny Cause Money Damn Sho' Can Buy You Her


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