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Trey Songz - U Belong To Me

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You belong to me tonight girl<br />

I been lookin for... <br />

I been loonin for... a real love<br />

Ohh<br />

<br />

Chorus<br />

You belong to me tonight my love<br />

All I wanna do is make love slow<br />

Girl I want... make love slow<br />

Girl you know your body it deserves, everything on this earth<br />

I'll give it to you<br />

I'll give it to you<br />

<br />

And since we're only in the first verse<br />

Girl take off that purse, and get in this room<br />

Ooh, and get in this room<br />

Now baby ooh baby I'm ready<br />

I'm a take control if you let me inside your world<br />

Please don't be afraid girl<br />

Tempo slow, lights down low<br />

Now tell me if you like that low<br />

I'll go, cause I just want to please you<br />

Believe me when I tell you I need you<br />

<br />

Chorus<br />

<br />

And if I can't have your body<br />

I don't wanna have nobody, I'd rather be alone<br />

Ain't no substitute, they can't do what you do for me<br />

Would you please take your clothes off<br />

Or would you rather me do that part<br />

Cause I don't mind, no I don't mind<br />

Button after button now the blouse coming off<br />

Kissing on your stomach, now your skirt coming off<br />

You feel so soft<br />

Kiss until I find it, you must be reminded<br />

<br />


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