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Trey Songz - Talk About It lyrics

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I don't wanna talk about it x 3


She cares too much, I care enough

I love her, but, never said enough

(Pre Hook)

My mind is so heavy and time doesn't let me think bout shit

So much stress in my life that I'm holding inside, then I think about this


She said we ain't gotta talk about it

If I don't wan’ talk about it

But if I wan’ talk about it

She's all ears

She says she's really worried about me

But if I ain't really worry about it

She ain't really tripping on it

But she's still here


I said that I had a thing to hide

My life, my life, losin’ my damn mind

She said: "Put it aside, I'll hold your pride"

And I can't ever explain why I never got time

Addicted to these girls, all around the world

Always want a new one

And it's, "Can I get a favor?" Throgh me little paper

Everyone needs somethin’

(Pre hook)+ (Hook x 3)

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