TraviS Scott

TraviS Scott - Uber Everywhere (Remix

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(Intro: Travis Scott)

Ya think I should do this and drop this shit like tomorrow?

Yeah, yea, yeaha, yee, alright!


(Hook: Travis Scott)

Okay, it's late yeah

Uber to yo crib I can not wait yeah (It's lit!)

I've been movin' at a race (Straight up!)

Tell me what we goin' through is a phase

(Verse: Travis Scott)

Shit I can't escape

All this shit I can't evade

Niggas want to hate, yea they do that by the day (Yeah, yeah!)

On these skates, I've been movin' state to state

Fuck that lobster and that steak

I got mo' shit on my plate

Rollin' in my Uber, that's just how I use my time

Blowin' on that Backwood, that's just how I use my mind

Lookin' out the window, hopin' it all would be fine

Pay no mind, they don't pay no mind, yeah yeah yeah

Magic City they shakin' that ass, yeah yeah yeah

Diamonds of Atlanta they be bad, yeah yeah yeah

When we hit V Live I got that bag (Straight up!)

Pick yo D.J and we got that bitch on smash, yeah yeah yeah

Play that shit that make 'em dance

After call me when ya done countin' them bands, yeah yeah yeah (Yeah!)


(Verse 2: Madeintyo)

North side cooling shorty yea that is where i stay

Heard ya was a lame boy get up out my face

And my ex keep callin' swear that she be in the way

And I need a thick red bone shorty where I lay

Bad bih' in L.A tell me that she'll make the trip

Shorty bad as hell yea with them Kylie Jenner lips

Uber every-fuckin'-where pre-rolls in my V.I.P.

Canada jawn, yeah, I think that bitch from the six


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