TraviS Scott

TraviS Scott - Backyard

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(Verse: Travi$ Scott)

Gonna grab that 5th, grab that 8th

Got what ya need, blow that dope, don't get 2 high

From the Third Coast to the West Coast, come take this ride

Let me tell the tale of how God turned Scott

Over one lost trip to the sky

Let me tell the tale cuz ya threw the tail

When ya said I could make it this high

Who knew?! Goddammit who knew?!

The grass ain't greener on the otha side, it's just blue

Ya can really identify when ya looking in yo eyes

Ya ready to ride, that's true

When they look in my eyes, they see that roll

How Scotty entired that juice, had my back against that wall

Erry summer felt so cold, my dad ain't coming home till fall

That's why my pimp game so moist

Had that durag & all, had a twenty year ol' bitch in high school

Wasn't no telling what Travy might do, on the south side of that HOU

Hold up, let's take it back to that room, no car but still had drop

Just a hundred niggas standing outside

Life's a beach wit lot of sand on the lot

I'mma ride for all of my niggas, they foreva here by my side

It was just 8 niggas in a two bedroom

No leg room, that was last June, yeah yeah


Yeah, yeah, for real

Fuck what they talking bout

They ain't talking bout me, nigga

Let it be known, yeah, it's that real

Yeah yeah for real, for real

Fuck what they talking bout

If they ain't talking bout

We them niggas everybody talking bout

It's that real, yeah, for real

(Hook x2)

Backyard, we chilling

Backyard, we drinking, smoking

Hommie brought out the liquor

Backyard, we getting high

Back Backyard, we chilling

Back Backyard, we smoking, drinking

Back Backyard, we getting high

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