Traffic - Some Kinda Woman lyrics

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Heats the message that you send

One look at you, I'm burning up inside

You know that I'd give up anything

I can't get enough when you get next to me

Oh you, hey, some kinda woman

You some kinda woman

You cut a notch every time a heart is breaking

One time and then you, oh, never let 'em off

Once you've fixed your sightsv Oh, I want you, I want to tie you to me

Oh, don't hesitate, you got the touch to set me free

I'm like a kid standing outside your door

You make me feel like never before

I feel the heat rising up in my soul

I'm burning out of control

Oh, break down this heat 'cause what you're doing just makes me weak

The way you stand there in your clothes, giving me a look like Edward G.

And then you start to shake the place

And then you lock on tight to the groove

Oh, I want to get it on, looking for the chance to make a move

Look into my heart for what you want

Saying that you will and then you won't

Look into my heart for what you want

Saying that you do and then you don't


1994 FS Music Ltd./Freedom Songs Ltd. (PRS)

All rights administered by Warner Tamerlane Publishing Corp.)

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