Traffic - Rock and Roll Stew lyrics

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Sitting in a transit all night long

Playing clubs and rocking right on

The road's much too long since I've been wasting my time

Wish I was home again sipping my wine

And I'm gone, gone, gone, I don't care

'Cause I'm gone, gone, gone, I don't care

It's where I'm from, I'm on the road again

LA to London is a mighty long time

Eight hours flying can bring you down

Sitting near a suit who's a red-neck going,

Eyes are moving but there's no life showing

Now that I'm home again

Things are much better, biding my time with my little go-getter

No matter what they say, no matter what they do,

Gonna end up in the middle of that rock & roll stew

Gone, gone, gone ...


Chappell & Co/Bienstock Publishing Co./Jerry Lieber Music

Mike Stoller Music (ASCAP)/for Amy Music (BMI)

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