Traffic - Nowhere Is Their Freedom lyrics

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Locked out of Eden for failing the test

They just can't live like all of the rest

Speaking in tongues without any rhyme

Ragged outcasts on the wastelands of time

Easy rider coming down the road, easy rider overload

Looking for sometime, somewhere, some place

Sometime, somewhere, some space

Sometime, somewhere, some grace,

But nowhere is their freedom

Red flames of fire reflect in her eye

Masked by the smoke that's floating on high

Seizing the road, reaches the sky,

Like a falcon she just wants to fly

Dark clouds gather on the edge of the mist

Hear her laughter and she's gone

There's always one more mountain to climb

But we are all lost, travelers in time, a long way from home

You always fear what you don't understand

Choosing to live in Disneyland

They polish the children, they polish the grass

Definitely in a different class

All is magic on a mushroom ride

It's so tragic when you realize


1994 FS Music Ltd./Freedom Songs Ltd. (PRS)

All rights administered by Warner Tamerlane Publishing Corp.)

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