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House for Everyone (Mason)

My bed is made of candy floss, the house is made of cheese

It's lit by lots of glow-worms; if I'm wrong correct me please.

The village is a pop-up book, the people wooden dolls.

The roads are made of treacle things, it's time that I moved on.


My home is half a walnut shell, the journey will be long

So I filled the whole with peppermints and creamy pink blanc-mange.

I sailed away for fifteen days, it never once got dark

And came upon two large houses set out in a park.


On the door of one was truth, on the other door was lies.

Which one should I enter thru? I really must decide

The door of lies had lots of flowers growing round outside

But looking close I noticed it was crumbling inside


The door of truth was very plain, but stood up very strong,

And when I entered thru its door I knew I wasn't wrong.

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