Traffic - Holy Ground lyrics

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What are we doing to this holy ground, this land that God gave to us all

'Cause everywhere I hear that crashing sound that trees make when they fall

Why can't we understand when it turns to sand

There's no way you can bring it back again

Why don't we change the plan, and try to save this land

And make a promise not to hurt again this holy ground

What are we doing to this sacred heart, this heart that's beating for us all

'Cause everywhere I see it torn apart as tears like rain will fall

Why don't we take the time, take a look inside

Try to understand what's going wrong

Stop trying to change the tide, overcome our pride

Take off our shoes, this place we're standing on is holy ground

Get out of doing the things you do in the dark

Keep the flame alive in your heart

What are we doing to the children's lives, the ones we shouldn't hurt at all

'Cause in the night I hear their lonely cries, so frail and small

How can we just stand by and watch them fade and die

Before they even reach the age of ten

Why don't we heal the pain, take away this shame

And make a vow to give them back again this holy ground


1994 FS Music Ltd./Freedom Songs Ltd. (PRS)

All rights administered by Warner Tamerlane Publishing Corp.

Sony Music Publishing UK administered by Sony Songs Inc. (BMI)

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