Trae - Till the Day I Drop

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I'm sick of losing family, everytime I blink my eyes

And at the rate that it's going, fell like I need to stay inside

Cause I don't wanna be the next nigga, to fall in a coffin

Lord knows everybody, that I love die often

Or wind up in the cage, and I don't seem to understand

It ain't nothing but a few of us left, I can count on my hand

If I tried to make a song, for everyone that I lost

I'd prolly have a triple c.d., in my deck when I floss

And that's a damn shame, people entertained by pain

I think I'm only selling records, cause I'm going through it mayn

I received a phone call, from my old man today

He was going crazy, cause his older sister passed away

And in my mind, I think she looking down smiling away

But still it hurt, I'm writing this and it ain't even been a day

At least I got to giver her a kiss, and told her I love her

Hey Christina, promise it'll never be another damn

[Hook x2]

I'ma keep thugging, till the day I drop

Cause it feel like I'm losing, everything I got

On my knees asking God, is it ever gon stop

But he don't answer me back, I hope he help me out


To tell the truth I'm never being happy, now-a-days

In my everyday living, will make a nigga wanna blaze

I don't smoke, so I'm running reality head on

All the pressure and pain, coming to me is dead wrong

Only time I get to smile, is when I see my lil' boy

If he only knew I'm riding down, for my boy

I ain't got too many friends, so I'm riding by myself

Your own kin'll try to do you, when on a mission for wealth

I was told, every person get a day of they own

I guess they skipped over mine, I been in line for too long

Why they won't leave me alone, I just wanna have a life

I'm sick of living in the dark, tripping searching for the light

I'm a soldier so I fight, till I'm running out of breath

And I ain't running from the devil, it's war until the death

Dear Lord help me out, I think you missing all my calls

My back against the wall, and I ain't got no time to fall at all

[Hook x2]


It ain't no mo' telling me, that it's gonna be ok

I watched the judge, try to throw my roll dog life away

It's safe to say, any day I'ma be checking in

With everything that I'm facing, they gotta let me in

I only rap about the struggle, cause it's all that I know

I'm assuming people hate me, because it's all that they show

I never asked to be a rapper, I was stuck with it

And fuck this shit, cause I don't fell I'm having luck with it

And it seem like I'm really tripping, sometimes

And I really want, is the Lord to show me a sign

Cause everything been rough, when it's coming to me and mine

Since it's raining everyday, I'll be praying the sun'll shine

But it don't, and on the real I don't feel that it will

I'm the last one left, until I end up getting killed

I wanna turn away, but still I know that it's real

And deep inside I pray, that the Lord'll be my shield, my pain is for real

[Hook x4]

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