Trae - The Truth

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(feat. Billy Cook)


This gon be the realest shit I ever wrote, so just know it's deeper than rap

It was a lot of shit that go, but now I'm bringing it back

I been a G all of my life, and tried to hold it for the best

I'm the realest nigga living, they can write it when I rest

Fuck it put me with the best, and I can stand out on my own

It's survival of the truth, and I'll be coming for the throne

Fuck being a bigger man, niggaz played the game wrong

So I played it how they played it, while remaining in my zone

These niggaz hoes, that's why they keep my name in they mouth

It ain't hard to find me, bitch nigga I'm the streets of the South

And ain't no banging over wax, nigga come see me in the hood

In the section where fake is twisted, like the W in wood

I been repping since I was 12, but now I'm 25 strong

With the family of A.B.N., running and toting some'ing chrome

I never trained to be in battle, even though I been at war

Mob made motherfucker, prolly leave you with a scar I'm the truth

[Hook: Billy Cook]

This be the realest, the realest shit I ever wrote

This be the realest, the realest shit I ever spoke

All I know is, (this gon be the realest shit I ever wrote)

All I know is, that I'm gon be the truth


They better know I peep everything in the game, they got me looking at my life different

Niggaz out here thinking they can know it, if my vibe different

These other niggaz out here falsified, telling lies

Sell a couple records, now they profitized keep it real

You niggaz ain't got the credibility, to be the truth

Unless you out here living what you talking, in the booth

Everyday it be the same, niggaz know I'm in the lane

Only fucking with the killers, cause we feel eachother pain

I hit the highway with my niggaz, never toching the caine

Now they got me watching for the FEDs, bitches mention my name

Since I'm the leader of the gang, it make it hard for me to move

I'm the truth, it ain't gon be a pretty sight for me to lose

Trae bail on street shit, got it on a lock

Everytime I'm going off, niggaz done got it on the block

Never something that it's not, I only know of being Trae

And that's the truth every motherfucking day, it ain't no other way



Niggaz saying I got the name to be the truth, and I ain't even mad at em

But that expression on they face, had me taking jabs at em

This a warning shot, ever seen a nigga at his last

If you haven't, I advise you let this motherfucker pass

I ain't here to be mistaken, so respect it when I spit it

Fuck it keep it yourself, cause anyone of you's will get it

I'm a Asshole, and it's self explained by the anger

And I'm holding on a glock, that's keeping one up in the chamber

I'ma strut it like a gangsta, so my niggaz get they bang on

Hopping out the slab, Dickies sagging with my chains on

Hopping fly, cause they seen the dropper with them thangs on

Lord knows, Trae'll leave them niggaz with they brains blown

I'm in another zone, niggaz still on cloud nine

And I'm a loner, you niggaz don't need to crowd mine

Trae the Truth is what it is, niggaz know it's time

Plus I'm here to make em lay it down, 'fore I spray it down

[Billy Cook:]

The truth be the realest shit I ever spoke, be the realest shit I ever wrote

(this gon be the realest shit I ever wrote)

Be the realest shit I ever spoke, be the realest shit I ever wrote - 2X


This be the realest shit, I ever spoke

Even if they never see it, this gon be the realest shit I ever wrote

Pay attention, to the shit I quote

Even if they never hear it, this gon be the realest shit I ever spoke - 2X

[Billy Cook:]

One hundred percent real, one hundred percent reeeeeal

Heeeey, Trae let em know ooooh

This be the realest shit, that I ever spoke and wrote

This is the truth, heeeey

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