Trae - Tell You a Story

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Somebody help him that boy ain't tripping, he really misunderstood

Addicted to doing bad, but he trying to get out the hood

Life as an adolescent, got him stressing back in the day

Now he paranoid, ducking and dodging to get away

You would think a hard life, is what he prayed to have

Everytime he reached out for love, there was nobody he could grab

That's why he was cold inside, he took his pain as strive

With a 4-5, minus one to stay alive

A ghetto baby is what he was, his uncle was doing drugs

And left him to be a thug, on the corner with nigga slugs

His brother was locked up, and mama was stressed out

He was a good kid, until reality turned him out

20 years old, on the way to becoming a man

Live in another world, people would never understand

Loving to be alone, feeling like he would meet the end

The good life, was never part of the plan


Let me tell you a story, bout a dude I know

With so much pain in his heart, it wouldn't show

And he never knew when his life, was gon go

Everytime he'd step out, he grabbed the fo'-fo'

Let me tell you a story, bout a dude I know

With so much pain in his heart, it wouldn't show

Everybody he knew, was living so shife

But he kept on moving, trying to live life


Now he running the block

With a pocket full of rocks, missing FED time

And watching hating niggaz, so he don't wind up with dead time

Cause everything he got, that nigga rightfully earned

Get in his way behind his paper, he was subject to leave you burned

Plus he running with a click of guerillas, that's living shife

And hated life, the only way out was to pay the price

He was ready for whatever, decisions he made his own

And since they pissed him off, he would prolly be moving alone

Doing his own thang, to hell with the consequences

Real ran through his blood, and them niggaz payed attention

He wanted to get it together, but it was prolly too late

He took the wrong turn, and that's what decided his fate

It wasn't his fault, but that's how the game done got him

Swallowed him up and left him, to be on the rock bottom

Without no say-so, a victim of circumstance

Put in a situation, begging for a hand



Nowhere to turn nowhere to go, so he contemplate suicide

Mentally out of line, needing help but he got pride

He got a child on the way, but his baby mama don't want him

Cause he broke without a job, and probation be leaning on him

Three strikes, and he heated to live in the penitentiary

Believe me it get lonely, to niggaz without a family

He might get lost to the system, or might get shanked in a bed

The thought of calling it quits, gotta be running through his head

He don't know what to do, he praying he in a dream

Waking up in a cold sweat, to be shaking it like a fiend

But he can't get away, so he be running out his mind

People looking for him, so he know he running out of time

One of three things can happen, he can run or wind up dead

Or go out on his own, with a 44 to the head

No one ever really knew, cause ain't nobody seen him since

He disappeared in the night, with no evidence

[Hook x2]


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