Trae - Streets Advocate

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They say I'm still on that same old shit

Ha Ha


Let's get it


Your now tuned in to the streets

Such a regular broadcast had just been canceled

Trae Tha Truth

King of the streets

And this a new one this year

Street's Advocate, nigga

I heard some niggas trippin'

What it is mayne

Bitch I'm a grown man

I ain't for playing games

A major factor in the city that these niggas claim

And in a corner gangstas they yelling a nigga name

Some haters want me in the streets, well what'cha waiting on?

You gone need more then paramedics try'na take me home

I'm goin' expose any character try'na play me wrong

I beat that ass outta order like you was... (Mike Jones)

I heard the logic tell a fake niggas fall as he get

Well bitch I'm right here now they ain't gotta be dealing shit

These niggas mo' pussy then bitches who famous in flicks

These niggas sick the truth the only one issue in hits

I heard it's mercies, just give me a reason

And I see something through that household that rep when you leasing

It's me against the world I'm feeling like I'm Michael Vick

The industry don't wanna see the truth, tell them niggas to quit

I ain't a Rap-A-Lot no mo' Records serving the rabbit

But me and Jay Brothers for life, fuck with him and I'm scraping

First nigga track goin' be an example ya think we slacking

This A.B.N. Rap-A-Lot Mafia, bitch what's happenin'

I went to sleep and woke up with the same vision as Pac

And let this unified go and re-incorated the block

I rep the streets cause I'm the king and niggas know I'm in it

These niggas rap about the hood but me I go up in it

Tell the media fuck they camera, I ain't photogenic

But picture this standing out on some four doors and tinted

See I expose them in the light, then I damage they image

With these gorillas pumping something the color of spinach

My street credibility straight, it ain't nothing to fix

I did a show running my man told em copy my brick

Fuck a case, these bullets will drop of a snitch

So let em know the hood I be, I be hopping this bitch

That's the realest shit I ever wrote, nigga

(Why they keep on calling my name?)

You know, I don't know what the fuck they been sleeping on

(Why they keep on calling my name?)

I feel like I need to slap they ass across the head and wake em back up this year

(Why they keep no calling my name?)

You know, I ain't gotta jock no album, huh, I gotta drop mixtapes in days

(Why they keep no calling my name?)

You know I am commonly, it this goin be how I feel like being in a tentery

I'm on some, I'm on some real nigga shit right now

You know all these bugs gotta take care, move them out the fuckin' way

Streets Advocate is here

I don't think they even wanna see me mayne

Fuck this, they don't wanna see me period

Well get'cha best of the best mayne, ya favorite rapper

I'm out of here

Tell them niggas find me in the hood mayne

No telling what a nigga got going on

But oh yeah

If you don't know, nigga

It bout to be a muthafuckin' problem

The Truth is on the way

Holla at me

Ayyo, Boss

I think we need to pull out the forum on swangs

I made history homie

Ha Ha Ha

Fuck with us, nigga

King of the muthafuckin' streets

I'm just now starting to have my muthafuckin' fun, nigga

The Street's Advocate, nigga

Ha Ha

Why they keep on calling my name?


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