Trae - Stay Out My Way

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(feat. Lil B, Jayton, Lil' Boss, Billy Cook)

[Verse One: Lil B]

We back killin roaches and rats

Like bugs these niggaz skat

From a trap I come but they ain't ready for combat

We the pest control spraying every crack

Clap black wit black mags and black macks

They don't really wanna see the whole click do that (nigga who dat?)

I thought you hatin niggaz knew the slow loud and bangin

Be makin a nigga move back really not a koo kat

I stay ready for war, Lil' B the G nigga that will rush ya car

Before I break ya jaw, like I break the law

Niggaz on the street know we untamed and raw

I'm down to get down for my cousin Trae, Lil Boss Hawg and my Nigga Jay....ton

Leavin a hater flat wit a brace on

We be the niggaz that rollin tall, nothin but chrome

I'm a renegade never perpertrate

Niggaz hate but like Boss I'm a scrape the plate

Congragulate a nigga we ????

We can go to war nigga jus pick a date

I'll be the nigga that bust and don't give a fuck

Leave 'em stuck wit mack hollows all up in ya truck

Niggaz duck when shots buck don't push ya luck

Cause we the niggaz on and make 'em give it up

[Chorus: Billy Cook]

These niggaz better stay out my way (stay out my wayyyyyyy)

Claimin ya wanna go to war, pick out ya day (pick out yo day)

Scandalizin my name, hataz we gon play (wwweeeee gggoooonnn pllllaaaayyyy ooohhhh whhhooooaaa)

Slow loud and bangin, roaches will get sprayed

These niggaz better stay out my way (stay out my wayyyyyyy)

Claimin ya wanna go to war, pick out ya day (ooohhhh scandalliizzzinn my name yyyeeeaa)

Scandalizin my name, hataz we gon play (cant you see we gon pplllaaaaaayyyy)

Slow loud and bangin, roaches will get sprayed (you will get Sprayed yeeeaaaa)

[Verse Two: Lil' Boss]

Too many niggaz be out fakin the funk

Fuckin around wit Boss you won't make it to the trunk

Hit a nigga upside his head wit him a cpouple of lumps

And jack slugs in the lac wit a couple of humps CAUSE!

I be the person, get ya for ya weight

I be the nigga risin up at the wait

Lettin another 44 slug up in ya face

Have a nigga dodgin the game, like he was Mase

Laws come wit me they gon have to give a chase

Cause I ain't the nigga that be catchin a case

I be the nigga

Scrapin the plate, shakin the fake, bakin the cake

Droppin the front. makin a break

Wrappin a pistol grip I'm finsta trip

And slot slugs shootin a nigga wit out missin a grip

I don't miss the blood I don't miss the crip

And the other shit, maabin gangsta shit

And my khakis saggin and my classic rag

Dont mean to boast or don't mean to brag

Since down wit S.L.A.B I been actin bad

Hataz get a .44 bag wit toe tag

Jus bought a cold coat for my throwback

Big bow laces and a new rag

Some these niggaz be actin like fags

Them not gangstas them niggaz trash

[Verse Three: Jay-Ton]

So I'm a mack, I'm a g and I ain't playin no games

Piss me off and I'll be takin my aim

Jay-ton, fresh out the gates, untamed

Off the chain when I'm swangin in the drop frame

I know these niggaz better get outta my lane

Fuck wit me nigga you outta yo brain

You don't wanna see me ???? the g thang

Quick as hell wit it to give a nigga pain

Damn there must be haterz in the place

You the raid I'm gonna spray a nigga face

Fuck the law I'm finna get another case

And youre the one doin the 8 month stay

And I hop off swole when I'm hoppin off the weights

Run up on a nigga hittin hard like fraits

Slugs make a nigga do the harlem shake

Sticks and stones make a nigga bones break

DAMN thuggin ain't easy baby

Pull up on the block in a black mercedes

Fuckin nigga talkin bout tryna fade me

Niggaz talk close shit on the daily

Run up on me I'm a whoop a nigga ass

[????] get deep a nigga ready to blast

Smash the gas and catch all in yo ass

I'm bout take a muthafuckin ghetto pass

[Chorus Two x2: Billy Cook]

Ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhh

Stay Out My Waaaayyyyy

ohhhh Pick out yo daaaayyy

We gon plaaaayyy ohhhhh


[Verse Four: Trae]

Theres been a lot of shit on my mind from back in the game

I'm a asshole and a never inaccurate aim

When I pull up and hoppin outta wide body frame

Eveybody and they momma better hop up outta my range

I ain't never been a nigga from a small town

Get the white chalk

Ima show 'em how to ???

If they stood Ima knock a nigga jaw out

That will teach a nigga bout coming around the wrong route

Hit the block in a drop top wit the lights off

Wit a shotgun

Then I knock a nigga lights out

Finna I bop and weave and hit him wit a right cross

Be next to see ya nigga gettin hauled off

I'm the nigga that be runnin the block and ???

Yo niggaz know what I got a 17 shot wit a glock and a mask on

Wit a clip that make a nigga get his ass owned

SHIT why they wanna get me started

Everybody know that I'm already retarded

With a attitude to prove that I'm the hardest artist

I'm shuttin everythang down regardless

Slow Loud and Bangin Ima rep for ever

Comin together for the chedder and we bout whatever

Talkin donw on us you better get it together

South click finna get a btich nigga vendetta

[Chorus One]

[BreakDown: Billy Cook]

Weee weee weee gon play

If you wanna go to war pick out yo day

heeeeyyy these niggaz better stay out my way

Slow loud and bangin

Slow slow loud and bangin in yo eaaaarrrr oohhh whhhhoooowwww

Quit scandalizin my nammmmeeeeee

Cant you see we goonnn plaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Stay out my way

[till fade]

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