Trae - Song Cry

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Yo Boss, hey turn them headphones up for me my nigga

Trae the Truth, Young Chill told myself I wasn't gon get back in that zone mayn

It's like this track you did, keep calling for it though

I feel it's one of these motherfuckers, make this song cry

Straight up shit never fail mayn, this motherfucker got me in a zone

It's a lot of you motherfuckers, that did a nigga bad

You got me fucked up this time


No matter what happens, I promise I keep it real and never be fly

Something like Jigga, cause I gotta make this song cry

Never no emotion but I feel I need to share my pain, come on stand in the rain with a nigga

See how I feel on an everyday basis, when hard life took aim at a nigga

I never thought that I'd ever see the day, the people I got love for turned me away

But it is what it is, the only one left to trust is Trae

I got a child on the way, and it seem to me I ain't gon see it

My baby mama wanna see it dead, cause she say she don't need it

And I be wrong, to play an eye for an eye

But see her devilish ways, can stay and see me rolling on by

Hateful bitch, loyalty is what I know and I don't know too many with it

Homies left to click to kick it, with niggaz in higher digits

And I ain't mad, I was hurt for a sec

But I learned, that I gotta be strong and hold it down for the rest of my set

Plus my baby Neeko, getting older now

You and Jared relax, cause I got you on my shoulder now daddy on his way up

Nobody finna bring me back down, it's war and I won't back down

The weight on my shoulders prolly weigh too much, but I won't slack down

I click and I drop the Lac down, and mob as I'm thinking

I'm unable to cry, so it make it hard when I'm thinking

No way to thin out, but I thank the Lord for leaving me my family

A.B.N. and M.C.G., the only one living to handle me

My nigga Dougie free, to see me make it through them gates

When I get my chance, I'ma come back and guide you to the plate

It ain't never too late, we just gon hope that we can get to see it

And I'd give my last breath, and my last smile to get to see it

Danny Boo, I know that you lost your mama and your daddy gone

But know I'm here to be your guard until Dinkie come home

I've been feeling it lately, I'm getting shorter than life

These niggaz try to stop my day, but I came through the night

And if I gotta go, just know someone gon keep me living

And this is all that I'm giving, ain't nothing else I'm feeling

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