Trae - So Gangsta

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(feat. Bun B)


(I'm so gangsta), it's time to put your ass

In a real nigga zone for a second, (I'm so gangsta)

Asshole by Nature, repping it for these motherfucking streets

(I'm so gangsta), from the South around this bitch

All pretty niggaz, get the fuck out of dodge (say homie I'm so gangsta)

Know I'm saying, G gon keep it G and the rest gon fade the fuck away

[Bun B:]

I got my pistol on my side, and you know it's on cock

That's an automatic, everytime I step out on the block

If a nigga didn't know, it's time to send him to class

So give him a front seat, to get a bullet in his ass

I'm a G, but I guess you probably already heard

I can get your ass whooped, or I can get you a bird

I can get your ass shot, without even having met ya

So if you wanna know if I'm a gangsta, you bet ya

I earn stripes and scars, in street fights and wars

Put holes in niggaz cars, with no types of pause

So don't test my gangsta, I don't play them games

I'ma pass you with flying colors, and drop your lane

Ask around in the hood, who run it

Bet a motherfucker tell you, Big Bun

It ain't nothing, that a trill ass nigga can't do

And that include a bitch nigga like you, it's true


(I'm so gangsta), they don't wanna see me in the club

When I mob through that bitch, with the Crips and the Bloods

(I'm so gangsta), haters better sit they ass back

Cause the hood in this bitch, and we'll stomp they ass flat

(I'm so gangsta), same niggaz posted on the block

In a drop, with a bitch and a glock

(say homie I'm so gangsta), ice worth about ten grand

Middle finger in the air, with my nuts in my hand


These niggaz got it twisted, but now I'm gon set it straight

A.B.N. up in the building, and holding it for the state

Who they said gon get the throne, tell that nigga he gotta wait

If he want it then he can get it, I don't tolerate the hate

I bet they thought that it was safe, but now they know guerillas coming

Mobbing up like we the mafia, fighting and even gunning

First nigga out of line, be the first to be getting some'ing

I'ma take it out his mouth, and then slide him up under some'ing

See I play it how it go, don't give a fuck about the fame

I been gutter since the birth, bitch I'm the leader of the gang

So know that if I click, then my set gon get off the chain

And put they ass inside the clutch, and start shooting like Danny Ainge

With they flags to the left, flags to the right

Lacing up they kicks, then that's your ass all through the night

We can get it on motherfucker, like a title fight

Violate the code, and watch this nigga get up in your life



I'm here for the drama, and it ain't no other way that I'ma live it

A.B.N. until the death, so niggaz know how I'ma give it

Still I come around the corner, illegal in something tinted

Packing something, that's the price of that house that your mama rented

I'm a sick dude, homie you don't wanna fuck around

Cause I run with niggaz, who fuck up everytime they touch the ground

And that beefing I don't think you want it, your teeth'll never get found

You don't like the way we kick it, bicth nigga so move around

You don't wanna get me started, my attitude something fucked off

When I get inside the club, these pussy niggaz need to duck off

Cause I could make em swell up, with something they ain't gon dust off

Have em sitting in they zone, but they sleep cause they lights done cut off

And this is for my gangstas, and my niggaz getting cash flow

Hit the block in a drop, with a bitch to let that ass show

If you ain't feeling me nigga, fuck you and your ass

Punk bitch, I'm a motherfucking Asshole


I'm so gangsta, I'm so gangsta

I'm so gangsta, say homie I'm so gangsta

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