Trae - Screwed Up ft.Trae,Lil Wayne

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(Lil Wayne)

Target practice baby!...

Only thing is

Im not tha shooter...

IM tha bullet


YA g'd up from tha feet up

(I got you trae)

A,B,C,D,E,F, I'm a G till the end, The end of the rooaaad

B-back in tha kitchen at tha end of tha stove

Ay t looks like we at tha tha O.

Drop a 4 in a 20 ounce and call it 24's

We sit on 24's and we sip on 24's

Got tha caddy sittin on a pair of gucci penny loafs


I get money , fuck wit bitches that give me mo'

You know tha game same shit different hoes

We cut tha ears and the tail off

Micky mouse

Never been a rat never had em in the house

Call me capitain kangaroo but i got money in my pouch

And i dont mean loose change when i say money in tha couch ( ya dig )

Im gettin paid on what i already say


Cant see these niggaz like debris on these niggaz

Got a bitch named Nina and Nina so slutty

cuz she 'll do him and every one of his buddies


We put them drinks down & pick them tools up

and if dude trippin we hit dude up

ANd yean shit if yean eva been screwed up

ANd yean shit if yean eva been screwed up

we drop tha top down and chunk tha deuce up

Dese 84's 'll make a hata put his shoes up

Yea yean shit if yean eva been screwed up

Yea yean shit if yean eva been screwed up


Im in tha drop sittin low 84's lookin dangerous

My swagga got me in tha hood lookin like i was famous

My naked wrist look like it been hit by a couple paintas

Im gettin money but tha fact im gangsta neva changes

I got my locs on waitin on tha time to plex

Like this boppa shotgun in tha whip waitin on time ta sex

Its ABN until i rest it wont be nothin less

Since im protected by tha neighborhood i neva need a vest

I know them hatas talkin but they aint sayin nothin

Long as they stay inside they place ima continue stuntin

My ice tha shit im prolly at 100 stacks n runnin

I guess im fly cuz my doors in tha air and my trunk is hummin

Im still movin slow my swagga just got off tha chain

Wether the club, way in tha hood im still gon make it rain

Hea im tha truth so please address it when you say my name

You try to take it to me and ima take it to ya brain

(Chorus x 1)

Aye its Killa Wali and im a G to the chore.cha Me I wreck, I rip I tip

On 4's do's go up, on that whip

Stay with a grip, can't afford to slip

Straight shoot to Jamaica, watch me jump ship

R.I.P. to Pill, real niggaz stay still

Roll up on them swangs, as I swang off a cliff

A mob boss, I don't really like rims

When it come to these hoes, my hoes are pimps

I'm gorgeous George, I'm charge in charge

My confidence, too high for these fucks

Toss Moet cups, or Ferosh and such

Guarding these, wear invisble cuts

Half of these niggaz out here, dumb kluts cuz im a monster in these streets,im a beat these streets,mayne i cant be stopped hatas get shot on my block while ur hoe suck my cock,its killa wali i been a killa since age eleven,dis why yall aint goin to heaven,cuz im a killa my ryhmes like through the thrilla,mayne!

(Chorus x 1)

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