Trae - Same Thing, Different Day

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It's still the same thang ain't nothing changed, me and my dogs trying to have thangs

Flipping our cheddar trying to maintain, don't wanna go to jail but trying to hit stangs

I'm a G sitting back peeping game, on the block where the niggaz might get ya mayn

4-4 slugs might hit ya frame, cause these niggaz still wanna go against the grain

Steady trying to ball, just not knowing they about to fall

Want the love but they hate em all, wanting God but they ain't made the call

Niggaz thinking they just too cool, fifteen years old dropped out of school

Trying to cap about what they do, drama come they better get that tool

They know death sitting round the corner, Lord knows they ain't ready for the reaper to come calling

They life falling ahead of time, and ain't trying to stall him

This right here is all that I see, T-R-A-E is all that I be

Same thang different day, gotta live your life by any means

[Hook x2]

It's the same thang, different day

Niggaz know, what I mean dog

It's the same thang, different day

Same thang, different day dog


Collect call from the county jail, Kick Dog caught up trying to make the mail

Third strike and ain't got no bail, inside it hurt like hell

Everyday this how the world turn, in the heat but don't wanna get burned

22-Agg' might make him learn, he going through it for a hell of a term

Baby mama ain't make it no better, she know that you gone and she searching for cheddar

You losing your mind and it's really whatever, all the pain is your permanent weather

Back put up against the wall, pride ain't gon let him give up at all

Built up pressure bout to let go, so his outlook on life is fuck em all

My advice is to slow it down, ain't no type of kin folk coming round

That shit ain't right you and I both know, your dog gon be the one to hold it down

And that's life whether real or fake, reality is what you can't shake

It be the same thing everyday, the weight of the world might make you break

[Hook x2]


A new day but the same drama, everybody still wanna prove theyself

Let me tell it to ya damn fool, headed off to go lose theyself

He got beef wit you know who, hot headed for the hood near you

Letting everybody pump up his brain, loading up to see what you do

Dog you don't wanna go out like that, slugs'll get ya where you can't fight back

It don't take much for you to know that, six shots and everybody gon scat

Where ya dogs where ya friends, you back alone once again

If it's meant to be you won't walk again, fucking with them same ol' niggaz again

I ain't going but I'm trying to show ya, everyday life is about to fold ya

Don't get caught up trying to be a soldier, you'll wind up dead when nobody know ya

That's the truth and it's simple and plain, don't let the devil get up in ya mayn

He'll have it when you gon lose your brain, in different ways but it's all the same

[Hook x2]


Same thang different day, time roll by know I'm saying

Shit still don't change, it's always the same

Everyday reality, gotta take it for what it is you know I'm saying

Don't whine about the shit, just be smart about it

Don't be no fool, get caught up in the hype

Street life know I'm saying, that ain't shit to brag about

Some people, just stuck with that shit

My advice is get your grind on, do your thang

Do it on the low, you feel what I'm saying

Don't get caught up, fucking with these fake motherfuckers

Or your so-called friends, so-called gal

All that shit don't mean nothing, you know I'm saying keep God first

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