Trae - Restless

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(feat. Young Noble of The Outlawz)


I feel it everytime that I hit the corner, bitch niggaz be hating me

Been G since '93, and ain't no way they fin to be fading me

I roll with gorillas, and plus the hood is my habitat

All the real gon ride with Trae, and anything else see we ain't having that

I put this motherfucker on vibe, before I be going out like a part

They know my wheels, made displays out of my scars

So I'm real with it, they can just might get you killed with it

So I'm all alone inside my Chevrolet, plotting to get a mill ticket

And I'm cool, but I don't know who to trust

Even my lady flipped the script, for roach ass niggaz with lust

Wish I was stress free, but since I ain't I gotta kick it where the rest be

Keeping it real to make it where the best be, test me

That ain't a good idea, cause some say I'm a asshole

Whether they like it or not, I'm gon get to see my grass grow

And I'm gon fight for it, until they see me breathless

A A.B.N. soldier, cause I was restless

[Young Noble:]

From East Oakland to the H-Town, they know my name

Still nobody, still don't know my pain

Growing up in the game, I feel restless young but a old nigga

Seen too much too fast, it's fucking with my soul nigga

Born to be a outlaw, traveled down the road

Most of y'all never been, hope you don't wanna go

I tell em young nigga, don't try to be like me

Be better than me, be the best you can be

They feel the good die young, soldier you ain't done

Ninety percent of us, don't even get to make it out the slum

A.B.N., I use to cop the fat dime from Sabian

Come back to the hood and get blown, I was a baby then

Baby when I was younger, somebody should of told me

To slow down youngster, I know it's some'ing better for you

Then hugging this glock, and ducking these cops

Then sent me the angel, in the form of pop


Everyday, it's like I'm back in the zone

Real life, got a nigga feeling like it's on

God can you help me, cause it's lonely on my own

My people use to be right, but now I'm feeling like they wrong

My roll dog, trying to tell me that I need to chill

But he don't understand, cause he ain't feeling how I feel

And how the fuck, do they got love for me if they ain't real

Lord knows, I don't wanna end up getting killed I'm restless


The streets can feel me, cause I'm in my zone and watching out for these niggaz telling

Closer than my dame done came, to see convicted felons

And my state of mind just ain't right, jealousy in the air

How these niggaz act I swear, they had the devil up in they swear

But I don't trip I throw my loc's on, when I fall into the night

And only acknowledge the real niggaz, while the rest can't get it right

I'm on my note homie can't you tell, watching me doing my thang

I'm the real if you don't know, just watch me when I'm holding my name

Only less and less, moving at a pace they never seen

Ducking laws and crooked niggaz, trying to get close to my green

Two heaters sitting on my hip, cause some of these niggaz'll never lace up

And if they do, then I'm gon be the first to swell they face up

And that's gon stay the same, whether I'm broke or I'm balling out

Losing these dirty bitches, but I still hear em calling out

My life is on another level, squabbing at it's best

And everyday, I'm thanking God to keep my blessed


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