Trae - Representin

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[Hook x4: Tae]



Yeah the nigga okay but I feel he ain't pimping

flipping 4-4's but I bet he ain't tipping

Dick riding the slab from the grain that I'm gripping

hollow tips in the clip might leave a nigga limping

Flag on the right so I know he ain't Crippin'

I roll with five deuce so I know he ain't tripping

Unless he acting a ass and he ready for the whipping

I'll lean on a bitch Fat Joe edition

Back and I'm all about unlimited paper stacks

in a Lac with the swangas dipped in black

Fuck fly bitch I'm bringing the thugging back

I know my niggaz in the hood be loving that

Wanna raise on the block that I'm hugging that

see that bitch with that ass I'm rubbing that

Mouthpiece garunteed I'm hauling that

niggaz say they got ice I'm dubbing that

Asshole with a hell of a attitude

niggaz coming up bumping then I'm leaving 'em latitude

I bet they bitch ass know bout that there

got my money right don't doubt that there

Unless you wanna see what I bring out

twenty thee plus so they know I bling out

Hoes be on dick so the cell phone ring out

representing till they let King D out


Call me what you wanna, playing with a pimp persona

Said that I get it from the corner, struggling no longer

I'm getting younger it makes you wonder, far thing from being under

Let the truth be told, I'm tired of the same ass game

Niggaz bullshit ways, step it up for a change

Cause I really just can't see, my self settling for no anybody

That be fucking with me, claiming that he got game but the big face seen

Just keep it real like a G, cause eventually you'll try to sell a dream

About getting money, so come correct with me

[Hook x4]


No Mr. wanna-be playas, I'm not feeling your ways

In my hand I see the grands, on my finger no ring

But it seems that you bout that change, not coming up to my mind frame

Got to be about your paper chase, 'stead of trying to run lame ass game

Just keep it playa, let me see you hold it down keep your weight up

But I know ya who thugging thangs up, keep it fly cocked for his paper

Rolling big bodies no sweepers, talking nigga ain't no need to creep up

Creep up, I'm the one on my team real niggaz just say just what they mean

[Hook x4]


They don't wanna see me act bad, like the young Trae

That attack the track, and hit it for the one way matter fact

I pack the Mac, for the gun play

Let it be known, guerilla niggaz do it one way

Any one day, in the drop fuck a Hondai

Loc's on my face, top dropped for the sun rays

Fucking with the Boss, three wheeling in a six tre

With a bitch on a nigga dick, down west state

Fo' do's up to the sky, with the hood falling

And I might sit cocked, for the boppers calling

Truck was crawling, slow from the weight I was hauling

Paint was glossing, so I'm with the fuck I'm flossing

Still I'm tossing game, from the H to Austin

Put it up on threes, like Bird in Boston

For the athletes, spit it till a nigga exhausted

Wanna hear the mouthpiece, but it might just cost 'em

I stunt, on a hater

Might not shine now, but I bet I shine later

Feeling like Pokey, half dog half gator

Bonafied thug, with a little bit of playa

Back on note for the pimp that I am, and the G that I be

With a game full of Loc's, representing for the C

In a click full of real, representing for the B

I'm a Asshole nigga, out the S.U.C.

[Hook x4]

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