Trae - Real Talk

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Yeah, real talk for my niggaz on the block

I been wrecking for a second, but I promised that I wouldn't stop

I been in it with my niggaz, for a long time

But they gotta give it to me, cause they know I wouldn't drop

Same nigga, with the flow

Same nigga that'll spin a nigga's ass up, throw his ass in the trunk

I'm a representative, for the Assholes

Try to run up on me, I'll teach a nigga how to stunt

Southwest, you better get your hands up

'Fore I send a wave of niggaz, that'll hit your man's up

While you wanna-be thugs, better pull your pants up

Then the shit, hit the fan

Then I fuck, your fans up

These niggaz, really got a nigga fucked up

Hating motherfuckers, I'll show you what the beef is

Show you niggaz how to lose teeth, keep running off at the mouth

And I can show you niggaz, what the sleep is

Better give it up, when you hear the name Trae

When I hit the block in black, your ass better pray

Tell the five in the hood, I don't play

And I got more niggaz, in the slugs

In the tip, of a K

And I run with the C's, and the B's on the block

And the G's, and few B.D.'s on the block

And I kept it real, so I got the keys to the block

I'm a gangsta, they don't make these on the block

I'll put it on the pack, and I'll ride for it first

Nigga jump, gonna be the first nigga that'll slide for it

They don't wanna see me in a zone, when I try for it

Any real nigga, stand up and get an eye for it

Cause I'm oh so real, though homie

And I'm next in the line, finna show the world what it was

H-Town, till the death

Intuition of a nigga named Pac, finna let it rain for the thugs


Somebody better give me the crown, these niggaz out of line

And I see, I gotta put 'em in they place

Everyday it be the same old shit, I gotta click on a bitch

I don't really, wanna pay another case

Whey they niggaz wanna try a nigga, like a nigga soft than a bitch

I'll lean on a nigga, like Boss on a switch

Better chill, 'fore I get to going off on a bitch

Lace the Nike's, and break a nigga jaw in this bitch

Everybody, wanna know about the South

But I promise, you niggaz'll wanna take another route

A.B.N., fin to hit a nigga's ass in the drought

In the town right now, (no doubt)

If you got a problem with Trae, let's get it on

Iggy on lock, so I'm back in a zone still packing the chrome

I was late for the hood, so I'm bad to the bone

Since I roll on the block, it's half of the bone

Shit just got wrong, you can hear it in my tone

(I'm pissed), but I'm still moving along

Yeah Jay'Ton, still grooving along

So the niggaz in the blue, got love for the Home

For the H, and the West state

I"ll put it on a nigga, in the worst way

That'll be your worst day, and I put it on Trae

Motherfuckers better get in a line, or the dirt where you gon lay

This right here, for my nigga named Nick

In a hospital bed, half gone

I'll run up on a bitch nigga, who that out that shout out

Feel I gotta hit his ass, with the chrome

Nothing less, R-E-S-T-L-E double S

Stress, got a nigga on amp

So I gott mob for life, like 24/7

And I promise, I'm about to be the champ

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