Trae - Pop, Trunk, Wave

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(feat. Fat Pat)


Yeah, they finna have a problem on this one mayn

H-Town representing, Screwed Up Click

You in here, with Trae the Truth mayn

I had to take em back, on this one

We gon throw this back for P-A-T, and DJ Screw

Mafio and Gator, it's finna go down round here

You know we just getting started, Asshole By Nature


They know I'm here to bring it gangsta, when I'm sitting on something glass

I'm original Screwed Up Click, I don't believe in moving fast

Catch me tipping on fo' 4's, with my trunk open and close

Them haters gon kill theyself, when I pull up in suicide do's

400 dollar loc's on my face, with diamonds in my mouth

And I'm well acquainted with Johnny, bitch I'm shining in the South

No need to watch out for jackers, say homie I'm to the good

Not only because I'm strapped, but I kept it real with the hood

So it's understood, when I pull out that block in the line

You see me rolling, with the top down

Thinking how I just got paid, pop trunk wave

Like I'm fresh out of Jack, in a drop that got sprayed

[Hook x4: Fat Pat]

Just-just, got paid

Pop-pop, trunk wave


It ain't no explaining off top, Trae fin to shine on em

If you ain't holding, move out the way while I recline on em

I tend to get reckless, whenever my trunk get to rocking

I rearrange the neighborhood, when I'm pulling up knocking

I know these haters watching, but they bet not cross the line

D-Boy two cars behind, fin to put something across your mind

We might just swang em down, and show em how we rep in Tex'

A '94 version of Pat, now who the next to plex

They ain't gon like it, when they get a taste of A.B.N.

Bubble lights, alligator insides yeah they gon hate me then

And I'm the truth, if you don't like it come and see me homie

And if you doubt it, I can make you where you believe me homie

[Hook x4]


In a wide body, and I'm sitting so thoed

Fresh set of glass, so I'm hogging up the road

Diamonds on the wood, definition of gripping grain

So I threw in a throwback Screw, and let that motherfucker bang

I'm in a zone I boss when I floss, riding for the set

And this paint that you see on this whip, is classified as wet

And I bet that you gon respect it, 'fore it damage ya mayn

Cause running off at the mouth, will get your car ran dead out the lane

And that's the bidness mayn, better respect a G 'fore he click

And I dropped the top the same time, I dropped the kit

And for the hate, I still swang and I swang and I swang to the left

Pop my trunk, yep-yep-yep-yeeep

[Hook x16]

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