Trae - Matter Of Time

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Yeah, you niggaz know what time it is around here mayn

Yeah we still on that hood shit, just had to take this shit

To another motherfucking level, know I'm saying

Trae, Mya huh we bout to set it off round this motherfucker


Bout time they make way for another guerilla, these other niggaz ain't the truth

Come down to the bottom of the map and holler at Trae, and these niggaz gon give you the proof

I roll with a entourage of them Assholes, on 24 inches of chrome

And plus the baddest lady Mya, to help a G get in his zone

Lately I've been getting slipped up, till they see that black on black with something packed

The back of the frame, to show these niggaz how to act

I'm from the South, where we known to look good in our mouth with diamonds shining bright

It's Screwed Up Click to the death, with niggaz crawling slow with purple Sprites

We thugging baby, the corners we hugging daily we grind

Through the day and night, ain't no sleeping for nothing baby Slow Loud when I bang

And don't confuse me, cause the game ain't what it need to be

'Less you like bullshit music, from them bullshit niggaz on T.V

I call it how I see it, ain't no other way that I feel is real

Don't think they real as Pac, just cause them niggaz done sold a couple of mill

And a deal don't make you, just because your label ride your dick

We been here paying dues, it's just a matter of time before we click

[Hook: Mya]

Baby don't you worry bout a thang, see everything's gonna be ok

Cause I'ma be right by your side, while you on the grind

Just keep it hood, keep it gangsta

Get that change, make that paper

Keep it moving, stack them dollas baby

It's only a matter of time

It's only a matter of time

So I'ma do what I gotta do, to get mine


I knew it, but I bet they thought that they could keep me here to wait

But now it's time, that I introduce the world to Trae

One of the hoodest out the H, a ghetto legend and the next to be

Plus my swagger, got me at the status of an original G

24's on my truck, haters better duck and get the fuck out of my range

It ain't gon be a pretty sight, if they wanna try to come stop my change

Cause I'ma ride or die with Mya, two of the same so we a team

And anybody disrespect it, watch how much drama I bring

And watch how much diamonds I bling, when the grill get in they face

And if my gangsta on the line, just watch how fast I'ma win the race

And I don't think they want it baby, we 1 and O for the belt

Now everytime we spit together, just know that we gon be felt




I know you feeling really anxious, when I'm on your side

But can't no other replicate ya, so you ain't gotta think twice

See I'ma hold it down for you, do what I gotta do you know how we do

So don't you worry bout a thaaaang, it's only a matter of time

It's only a matter of time, so I'ma do what I gotta do to get mine


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