Trae - Life on da Edge

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(feat. Shyna, T.C.)


Ah-ha, we doing it one more time ya heard me

Man the streets in me, the streets done made me

I grew up thugging, believe that

Me and Trae, we gon riot this year

Y'all gon respect that to the fullest, man look

We doing it like this here, check the peoples out man look

[Hook: Shyna]

It's kinda hard to maintain, living like a true soldier

Living life on the edge, has got me so caught up

It's kinda hard to maintain, living like a true soldier

Everyday is a test, and I just won't give up


I remember back in the day, I was confused as a child

And never thought that I would grew up, to be this wild

I'm living life on the edge, to maintain is my job

They wanna see me crack under pressure, but giving in this too hard

They better get they army to swarm me, thinking they taking me out

I been a soldier out the gates, so fuck what you talking about

Guerilla Maab till I'm leaving, Trae, Dougie D and Z-Ro

Call it what you wanna, you plex and you'll be six feet below

Cause I been insane living, ever since my brother was gone

Finally facing up with the truth, that he ain't coming back home

I know it's wrong moving on, and though it seems the game'll never change

I don't knock, I gotta be strapped with a shank and a glock

Cause niggas be crucial on my block

And ain't no way they taking my stripes, I ain't going out without a fight

Unless they catch a nigga, sleeping in the night

And even still there ain't no killing me, even if I die

I bet the world fin to remember me, a real nigga from the streets



I'm out chea cousin, rioting and thugging

You could catch me in the hood, grinding and hustling

The streets mad me, all the radios play me

Ain't no turning back, ain't no nigga could fade me

I'm still on a cash route, and I'm in a tight situation

Dog, the ball blast out

Still pulling masks out, at any time

Play with me whodi, you buy it and never find

Bitches make them cop calls

While my money keep the cops off, got Trae posted

With a Mack, 'case anything pops off

I'm a made man young hustler, ain't no wankster in me

When I riot duck, that's that gangster in me

Head buster, got them people talking

I'm playing with a six shot, I'ma fuck off this some whodi

Cause the streets too hot, too hot



Even nothing but the devil running me hot, and I'm going crazy

All the shit that I be facing, is what got me turning shady

They tell me to keep my head up, and it's easy for them to say

Cause they ain't going through what I'm through, each and every day

When you living like I'm living, and the block get bled

Running from the cops, praying them niggas never leave for dead

Cause I done seen it from every way, where the thugs and killas play

A nigga from around the way, that'll be strapped down with a K

And ain't trying to murder nobody, I just wanna live my life

And I can't focus on my life, when these motherfuckers be shife

And I be searching for another way, please watch over Trae

Heavenly Father guide me out, so I can live another day

I gotta hold on, everything I got on the line

Surviving is what I'ma do, so I'ma ride behind mine

Like it was all that I had, or it be all that I got

Even if I lose everything, it just ain't in me to stop


I'm trying so hard, to maintain

Knowing my life, will never be the same [x2]



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