Trae - I've Been Hustling

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(feat. Dallas)


Yeah uh, this is Dallas

Yaaaa-aaaay uh, du-du-du-du

Du-du-du-du-du-du, we got Trae and

We've been hustling, for a long

[Hook: Dallas]

I've been hustling, in this life of mine

Some of y'all, got a clue

See I've been grinding, in these streets

And I, finally got my break through

Mama told me, it's gon be iight

Lord if I, trust you

So I'm gon keep my eyes, on the final prize

See I got, my break through


I'm on a mission trying to get it, full time and I don't plan on losing damn

Why they don't wanna let me live, my life the way that I'm choosing to

Everyday it's a struggle mayn, went from sunlight to heavy rain

Everybody got some'ing to say, about me and mine but they don't feel my pain

Constantly, everybody wanna say what they've done for me

But I don't recall, y'all doing shit for me

I work hard one deep, all day all night and never no sleep

Only help that I got is God, all my family turning fraud

Only thing I got left for me is my son, since my life done got scarred

Mama told me niggaz phony, get your change and be by your lonely

I never knew why until this day, still don't but the Lord'll show me

Inside this life of mine, I always knew it would be my time

So I've been hustling everyday, be on the grind for mine



Some hit the spot, some the block

Some of y'all, don't know what to do

Some get your glock, off your rocks

Just trying to make it through

But me I hustle on my music, I know how to use it

Do it to the best (beeest)

And me I'm all about my paper, me I gotta make it

Gotta make it last

I got to get my do', I got to get some mo'

Go to stay on my grind, I got to get mine



Ain't no telling when I'ma get my rest, with the stress that I'm facing daily

My people really trying to play me, but I'm real and they can not fade me

Time after time, and I'm breathing never leaving my time to blow is now

And who gon stop me on my move, and never let the block be out

Lose it it'll be my day, one day cause I've been patiently waiting

For everything I deserve, that's why they be hating

Like they don't wanna see me shine, they'd rather see my head pointed down

But I'm still gon do my thang, I got the chance and I'ma hold it down

I'm back for the first time, and I'm steady standing

And I went from bad to doing worse, but still I feel abandoned

That's why I'm next to gain the throne, and I'm bringing it home

Cause I've been hustling all my life, and I did it alone



I'm hustling, all of my life I've been hu-

All of my life, all of my li-i-i-i-i-i-i-fe yeah yeah yeah

Ah no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no

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