Trae - Inkredible (Remix)

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[Rick Ross:]

Trae I see ya, Rose

You know what it is

My attitude is fuck it, house big as publics?

Shoppin is a pleasure, pinky ring a nugget

Niggaz like the ride, sip lean out the bucket

I lean to the side, white whip Michael Douglass

Hard times call for drastic measures

I call my dog, he bought a mac 11

40 rounds hollerin where are ya'll at?

Nigga dead serious, chopper with a shoulder strap

Microphone, Michael? on I know I'm wrong

The man up above love for me to sing them poems

So sing along, you know the song I sing

Bring them things along, I gotta feed the team

It's ROSE, I need 100 bottles

Yellow bitches, all of them swallow

H town, nigga 305

I can move them packs, each and every night


Ughh, chyea

Triple black panamara? phantom of the streets

Quarterbackin bricks on top of these glass cleats

All these stones on my my neck and wrist part of the streets

Used to... and danger that was part of my?

I'm in the hood under surveillance buncha haters watchin

Couple choppers out for dinner, failin ain't an option

Reclinable seats, invisible ceilings

Competition is murder, haters I'm killin

Fuck a money machine, I don't count it I blow it

Bitch my money conceited, it look good when I throw it

I'm a asshole, therefore my temper is reckless

I'm the city of Houston, you can tell them it's Texas

The king of the streets, somewhere deep with gorillas

Behind something that's tinted, bitch you see the gorillas

These other dudes yellin truth, they only imitation

And when I see them it's fuck 'em minus the penetration


Uhuh, yea, uh

Were gettin situated, I know you bitches hate it

I'm in a new Aston, the one Swiss created

I can't give you a dime, but I can get you faded

Before you become a member you get initiated

A lot of racks, big ice, heavy weapon

The hood still love me cause I never left them

I distribute it, I get rid of it

It's all comin back, every bit of it

I'm territorial, it's your memorial

But don't feel bad, I'm talkin to all of you

This is real shit, and that's nonsense

I got AKs, I got Thompsons

I got investors, I get sponsors

They scared of the crew, I'm with monsters

It ain't nothin forsure but we touchin the raw

And they gotta let us in or we rushin the door

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