Trae - In the Ghetto

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(feat. Yung Redd, Spice 1, Russell Lee, Lil Boss)


[Hook x2: Russell Lee]

In the ghetto, I'm living in a ghetto world

In the ghetto (in the ghetto), it's a struggle but I gotta maintain


Welcome to the ghetto, where forever be the same

Hard times, got my people unable to maintain

Everytime I look around, it's somebody doing bad

That'll put you in the grave, for som'ing they never had

Everyday in the hood, it be the same thang

Poverty running my people, so they love pain

And I don't know if it's wrong, but still I know it ain't right

I seen a lot of people die, in the street life

The other day it hit my heart, when I watch the news

A lil' girl got killed, while she was 'sleep in her room

And she ain't deserve to die, cause that's a kid dog

Them niggaz took the life, that she ain't get to live at all

Sometimes I wanna help the ghetto, but it ain't gon do a thang

Cause I know that they ignant, and that's a god damn shame

It's an everyday task, trying to live a good life

Inside of the ghetto, where everybody be shife

[Hook x2]

[Yung Redd]

Welcome to the South, niggaz ain't sleep at all

Ery'body out on the block, stay ducking them laws

A couple niggaz on parole, hustling by the sto'

I'm telling that ain't the way to go, play your role

But you don't hear me though, this what I'm living fo'

Hustle till I get mine, grind cause I need mo'

Shots release, too late for you to scream peace

This how it is in the street, leaving is obsolete

And still I maintain, seeing the same thang

Sometime I scream, my brain just looking for a change

But day in and day out, I move in and move out

Keep my bidness discrete, I'm on a paper route

I wasn't broke for nothing, still I was learning some'ing

If you ain't been through nothing, then you ain't seen nothing

This how it really is, around my way

Where anybody can get it, anytime of the day

[Lil Boss]

I analyze the block, babies are running round with glocks

Dope in they socks, can't skip hot so fuck the cops

Moving from crumbs to bricks, nigga these slums are thick

I try to tell my lil' niggaz, but they think they slick

These white folks don't play, they gon hot your way

They try to give you twenty years, just for living the wrong way

And who's to say now-a-day, right from wrong

They ain't living how we live, so they can't get in my zone

We get chased home for stones, and laws wanna break our bones

In places in and out a high cell, to roam

And that's prolly the reason, we going crazy

Pissed at poverty, cause the system trying to fade me

Lately, I've been trying to stay out of trouble

But it's hard to stop from copping, the sack and flipping the double

Don't catch the wrong route, when you on that Metro

There's a sign in front of the hood, that says Welcome To the Ghetto

[Hook x2]

[Spice 1]

I wonder, if heaven got a ghetto

But b-burning down the b-block, I put the petal to the medal

Running with my cousins in Texas, Lil' Cross and Big Money

My nigga Trae and Lil' Joe, nigga all action

In the ghetto, I've been riding through the hood for years

And ain't a damn thang changed, mama still shedding tears

Niggaz fresh out the Penn, some niggaz just going in

Some niggaz gon run and stutter, turning they self in

Never seen a black man, flying dope on a plane

But they lock us up for it, shackle us with chains

Welcome to the ghetto, ghetto starts and mob cars

With bullet holes in it, niggaz shot up and scarred

But still living, driven by the game itself

To stay alive in these cold streets, mashing for wealth

Up in this ghetto, O.G.'s P's and C's

Thugs, pimps, playas hit the 6-4's or 3's

[Hook x2]

[Russell Lee]

Yeeeah, ghetto ghetto life

Of mii-ine, li-li-li-life life (welcome to the ghetto)

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