Trae - I'm From Texas

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No don't tell nobody

You ain't see the view if you ain't screw it up

Use in texas all my dj screw

You say what I'm saying and what it do

And if a n-gga don't like it to the bitches I rap texas

Topless in this lab I become through

Yeah both involves and it's been so close

Can it be not cause big booties in our hoes

Got dollars in our mobsters and big rhythm in the south

With a truck of beats swinging through

I just call day not to star a phone

20-70 if I kind grind the mow

I ain't never never been so around the dough

Probably while the n-ggas ain't come the shine em all

Big duty trucks with the big grill

And the cadillacs with the fifth wheel

We from the hood and we keep still

If you try to take you gonna get killed

I don't wear my prettiest tight I wear them lose

Activately for all my foot where homie I got too many shoes

I'm the man in my city tell them n-ggas I won't lose

... my n-gga always we gonna talk the...

Find me in the hood in the city that I claim

Moving slow like a music that I best best screw it up

Bitch I'm from texas, yeah bitch I'm from texas

Bitch I'm from texas, yeah bitch I'm from texas

Glass glass underneath beat beat my...

About my... chain chain full of rocks

Bitch I'm from texas, yeah bitch I'm from texas

Bitch I'm from texas, yeah bitch I'm from texas

You can find me in houston, riding in

Had a dream I'm poking in with a team and her friends

Tell the truth right right behind

Two cups full and I'm on my grind

Talking dime respect my mind

And I saw you boys the text goes down

Rolex time, top let bag all my nuts 'cause I got that sack

Paper up to the roof is stack

Hoes when I hate but I don't need jack

Wear this money that's when I met

They text's grind it's all I know

Bang and screw and drinking big mow

And space and getting that dough bro

No sign what a boat ride

Every day I go play outside

Livin them haters my wide

Can't beat em now when they see me slide

Through the hood like I live there

Shit I got a few cribs there

I'm a g still cheer there

We barbeque and our ribs there

Some blunts ans sip bunch like it's lunch

Every day we do it listen and never text music

Heard the match with that good flew it

Buy me in the hood in the city I claim

Everybody down the next time we remain

It ain't the choice I can't change

I'ma rip till now like I gang bang

I got a pat ass bitch park outside

Yellow diam in my wrist if this dark outside

Just a little bitch and I catch golds

Just a little kid from the ghetto

Never had shit but I got a little bit

When I got a couple hips under his belt

Thought the... n-gga I ain't try to builtin in

Ain't got a whole lot of money but I rob the money

I sip a whole lot of drink but I thug that money

That it was cool but it can't tell me nothing, no

Everybody take a n-gga locked up

Done curko so he blue up

From the h town world wide n-gga what's up

I'm from holdout the texas let's get that straight off the top

That's where the hustling in the grindin and the hatin don't stop

On west side to the east we are hit ducking the cop

Hey coming down getting painted on the mother f-ckin chart

It's the land of the trill that's where the whole thing came from

And did they just a word or where I rap and get his name from

It's our way in life and we live it to the foolest

But years we represent it and we blood swear and bull it

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