Trae - I Can Feel It

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It's somethin goin on and I don't know if it's my fire from the block

off the top I know it's somethin wrong

and I don't know who to trust so I gotta keep my glock

that'll flock tellin everybody move along

shit everything ain't what it seem

even the niggaz that I love to death shiest cause they playin for they own team

and I be wantin to try and do 'em some harm

instead of leavin 'em to suffer, I extended my arm

yeah I'm still runnin with the same ol'gang

no matter where a nigga run it's still the same ol'pain

same cloud, same night, with the same ol'rain

same heart still standin like I'm hard as a train and that's game

I thought this shit was too good to be true

Niggaz hate the fact that I made it and still come back through

but either way they still know where it's at

Niggaz hate it cause they hate me, and I'm showin it back

[Chorus: Dallas]

(I can feel it in the air)

I can feel it in the air

(I can feel it in the air)

Oooooh Oooh-I can feel it in the air

Ahhhhh yeah

(I can feel it in the air)


And I don't know what it is but if I'm patient for somethin

them niggaz not they two time me they bound to show what it is

I swear they hate like a ounce of dro

too strong with a stence so I'm bout to blow

but if they want me then it's fine

I gotta baby brother that's still around that's gon be representin mine (Fuh real)

I know my son gon be okay T Jones, and Boss

And the rest of the click they gon see okay

and I can feel it in the air

Like my niggaz feelin plex and I can see it in they stare

but they don't step in the square

So I assume they wanna stick me in my back

that ain't G them niggaz need to get it how they pack (they sheist)

don't even bother cause I'm deaf when it come to y'all

don't even act like we cool-don't try to speak at all

I should've seen it when my auntie said slow it down

cause it's a year later with too many fakers around

[Chorus: Dallas]

(I can feel it in the air)

you don't have to say a word....I can feel it in the air

no matter what you try to tell me...I can feel it in the air

(I can feel it in the air)


I guess they mad at me who'da ever thought

my life I'd have 'em lookin bad at me

nothin but love and that's a damn shame that's why I click

cause ain't nobody got a nigga back

Matter of fact if I lose I bet they move quick

the same ones who accept my help

don't give a damn about the pain I felt unless it boost they wealth

but I'm a true solider quiet is kept

You know it's death before even if I get swept

damn why the hood ain't made of G's

because if it was then these cowards wouldn't be able to breathe

if it was then these cowards wouldn't be able to leave

haters worse then a disease that's what I believe

I know my real niggaz feel my tone

if you ain't ninety-nine plus you ain't in my zone

better feel a nigga vibe if I'm flippin alone

cause I'm aware of my surroundings even if I'm at home

[Chorus: Dallas singing to the end]

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