Trae - General

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[Hook: Brian Angel]

I'm a bad muhfucka that's who I is

Bonafide hustler that's the way I live

I'm a get this money best way I know how

Sun up to sun down ain't no hanging around

General (so you, so you better salute me)

General (so you, so-so-so you better salute me)

General (so you, so you better salute me)

General (so you, so you, so you better salute me)

[Verse 1: Trae]

Tell em I been a soldier to the end on a mission dedicated to get it

I never retreat nor did I quit I never run for cover tell em forget it

I'm scared for one hole in the crime, highly respected on this street shit

Better salute within my presents I'm amazing with this G shit

They try to save the hood wouldn't needed I ask em since when?

But came king of the city even undisputed since then

When I was broke I chose to get fixed in

Anythang either way gettin kicked in

I know these haters about to get mix in

In all the shit I'm bout to put a nigga wrist in

Don't count me out remember they left me alone I only got stronger

Against my shoes and they ain't look back on the money I ended up even got longer

Then a bunch of people waiting to see the day that I'm ending

But you can tell em that it's just the beginning

So salute me

[Hook: Brian Angel]

[Verse 2: Trae]

They put tags on this ripped and I just copped out to replace the roof

Instead I only removed it out the way and told them face tha truth

The game ain't been the same without one of the best

But I'm back now tell em I ain't getting mood

I got sumthin to proof plus I'm the last hope that anything real

Tell em I won't lose

Got the world looking at me like I won't win

Tell em get up out the car cause I'm getting in

Fake niggas try'na walk without walk know these shoes made for the king

You ain't fitting in

Tell em I'm a survivor cause I survive everything that they told me would kill me

Plus I came out of the bottom I'm bonafide underground tell em they goin have to feel me

Ain't no way they denied me what was promised it was already accepted

I'm the chosen one in this battle just tell em to send em

I'm nothing less than what was Houston and I'm Houston still

Nothing less than Pimp if he was living bitch I'm something trill

[Hook: Brian Angel]

[Verse 3: Trae]

I refuse to let em forget so I'm pushing it to the limit

The king of this muthafucka exposing em for his end it

They know I do it for the city I never pretend it

Somebody tell em I'm still the key into these streets every section I tend it

Just as soon as I'm getting out of whatever it ain't nothin they can do

Bet tha Truth or can't nobody stop shit I was set to go

Going a long time waiting up hittin the show

But anytime either way I was set to slow

Taking out for my last role but I'm still on my last hope

I remember they shitted on my when we last spoke

So I'm leaving they ass smoke, so they hatin now

And I'm still in position to show em that nothin that they can do ever can lose me

And I'm never goin sell out to kick it cause nothin that they can do ever can use me

That's why I'm a general in these streets over soldiers and troops

One of the realest livin when you see me my nigga salute

[Hook: Brian Angel]

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