Trae - Doing My Thang

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(feat. Russell Lee)

[Russell Lee]

Oooh-ooooooh, gots to do my thang



It's been a long time coming, but I finally made it

Took the top off of the drop, then I finally sprayed it

They never thought I would be paid, but look at me now

I spit game, with a million dollar mouthpiece to lay it down

The representer from Texas, and known to get fly

They don't wanna see me crack a smile, cause my diamonds'll shine em down

And I know you heard of us, when I be Slow Loud And Bangin'

Corner to corner swanging all on the block, where the gangstas hanging

I gotta keep on thugging, blocks I'm hugging

Hatas I'm slugging, them boppers they getting no loving

Chrome I'm dubbing, Perellis be gliding and Southern

Lips be bumping, but they ain't gon never be loving

And just to keep it real with you, they prolly wanna see me fall

But I ain't and they can't stop me, so now they gon watch me ball

And grind forever and ever, cause money gon be made

And as long as I'm in this game, is as long as I'm getting paid


Maintaining, doing my thang

Staying on my grind, trying to get my change

See I gotta get mine, cause I can't get broke

And that's all I know

Maintaining, doing my thang

Swanging in a slab, gripping on wood grain

That's just the life that I chose

Don't worry bout mine, nigga get your's


I be in a state in your face, gliding a S-L-A-B

STS with nothing but T-I-N-T, reputation of a P-I-M-P

These hoes be hating, but never the less on my jock

Devastated by the knock I got, in a trunk with a fallen top

I'm a playa, nominated for G of the Year

With rocks in my ear, wood grain inside my hand when I steer

Reminiscing back in the day, when I was broke

But now I glide up the block, and turn heads till they neck look broke

Lil' Trae the same cat, they use to laugh at

Never thought that I would have to tell these hoes, to back back

Life is a trip, but then again I was destined to shine

24/7 everyday, I was motivated to grind

For better thangs, addicted to getting change

And now they be screaming my name, and saying I'm wrecking mayn

A Maab type dude from the guerillas on top, and hogging the lane

Dubs up to them hatas, watching me doing my thang



The Most Valuable Playa, block bender Trae up in a slab

If it's tinted I'm in it, tipping and turning banging the Ave.

Picture me rolling a hundred miles per hour, to get away

To a low key la casa, where no drama can get my way

I'm in another zone, living it happy for a change

And since I'm stacking my change, I guess I just can't complain

I still remain to be the same cat, from day one

Cool to the motherfucker, but shining bright like the sun

A Guerilla legend, that's made of a Houston Texan

Balling to the top, and keeping it real without a question it ain't no doubt

In my mind, I grind mine and shine and shine mine

And grind, and people losing they mind and that's how it be

When you a G, I can't help it but to be playa

My living is not a joke, I'm forever after my paper

All I ever wanted was dough, and that's all I know

From here on out until I go, I'ma get it and that's fa sho

[Hook x2]

[Russell Lee]

Maintain, doing my thang

Maintain, doing my thang


That's just the live that I chose

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