Trae - Assholes by Nature

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I'm a asshole nigga, and I'm running the pack

I advise that you clear the set, cause I'm about to attack

It's been a lot of niggaz hating, on the shit that I'm bringing

But fuck what you talk, Guerilla niggaz perfect with aiming

I'm bout to lean on the market, trying to leave me for dead

Cause all that hopping fire with Trae, will get your bitch ass bled

So everyday it be the same, it's just me and my dogs

Back then I couldn't focus, I was blinded by the fog

And Donnie I ain't forgot you, ain't a damn thang changed

It's SK to the death, I'm still repping the game

So I'ma ride for the team, when I fuck up the game

And now the whole Spring Branch, fin to respect the name

And it hurt, when the judge said 1 to the 5

If they ever let you free, I hope I'll still be alive

Why these bitch ass niggaz, wanna see me a goner

See I'ma swing from the heart, and slip they ass in a coma

They don't want it how I'ma give it, I mean what I say

And I say what I mean, they bout to see me strapped with a beam

And they don't wanna get it gangsta, we can go with the fists

And as soon as they drop the gun, I bet I get in they shit

I gotta tell it like it is, and I ain't holding back a thang

So if they ever hear the name, then bitch I guess I'll be to blame

Only thing I got to claim, is my balls and my word

Disrespect, and watch how niggaz run your head to the curb

I'm a Mobster, looking for the worst of thangs

Retaliation is a must, for all my niggaz in pain

Z-Ro, I tried to chill but they got me wired up

And all these niggaz leaching your name, done got me fired up

These niggaz ain't real, I swear to God that they hoes

Let's see how much they got to say, with a 4-4 to they nose

I'm bout to bring it to the face, when they fuck with the Maab

It's like we been against the world, since we left out the yard

And I don't trust, nan nigga Ro

The only reason they around, cause they know we gon blow

But everything will be revealed, in a matter of time

I'm constantly on a mission, until I'm laying em down

I only ask for the Lord, to forgive me for my sins

But everyday is the same thing, all over again

Shit done built up in my chest, so now I gotta let it free

Everybody and they mama, want me D-E-A-D

That's why my attitude done got me, with another reputation

But fuck jail, and tell the judge suck my dick fuck probation

I'm a soldier, and only for the streets I ride

You bitches got my brother every hour, with 3-65

Everything is coming soon, so get ready for the war

We gon come for the war, and I ain't leaving with a scar

Only way that I'ma leave, is if I'm in a pine box

And you gon know that it be real, when you hear the nine shots

Dear mama, I feel like your son is going for the edge

They should of never let me wake up, on the wrong side of the bed

And I got no understanding, cause this world is a trip

And I don't wanna be a victim, so I'm loading a clip

Ready to mash like a lunatic, with my mug on

And ain't no need for me to rest, cause I'm in a slug zone

It ain't no fairy tale my nigga, so don't try to be cool

You don't wanna get involved, with that A.B.N. dude

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