Trae - Ain't No Turnin Back

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(feat. Z-Ro)

I sit and wish...

I'm not a kid anymore...


Back in the day, motherfuckers said we would never

Be shit, but right now I bet they wanna see me doing bad

But I'm a G, and ain't quit until I'm reaching the top

And right now, we at the top and ain't no turning back


Back in the days, it was hard to stack some ends

Nothing but young guerillas, kicking it sipping juice and gin

Trying to find a better way, to make dollas and cents

Packing my gat with a 50 pack and when the laws came, I would hit the fence

Catch me if you can but I'm more than a man, Z-Ro be a hustler

Trying to stack hundreds and fifty's, in a cluster

A buster I can never be that, Slow Loud And Bangin' in my deck

Nigga that's my go and get it music, because it helps me to get my check

Remember when motherfuckers, said Z-Ro you won't succeed

But I'm a millionaire, and I owe it all to the hatred I received

Can't forget about drank and weed, cause that's the key in my back

So fuck the world it's only Trae and Dougie D, me and my strap

Rest in peace to Robert Davis, Patrick Hawkins and Big Steve

I'm crazy chasing paper, till these haters come get me

Nigga we ain't the mafia, we be the Maab

And making motherfuckers hate us is our job, we ain't kids no mo'

[Hook x2]


I know the life I live be the reason for rhyme, even though it don't shine

Hard times running me out my mind, I pray to God that I will get my time

Did they hate me, cause I knew faithfully they'd remain to be shady

But I remain to do my thang, riding two deep with me and my lady

Jealousy and envy, made them cats wanna do me something bad

Like I was they enemy, and they wasn't feeling me but I'm still gon mash

To the top I won't stop, cause some of the people I know be a bitch

It won't be long for me to get rich, cause I'm a guerilla about to get pissed

Ever since 1999, I've been doing my thang repping this game

Trying to get change on top of change, stressing my brain trying to maintain

But I won't give up because I'm a soldier, whether or not they told you, these

Cats better get they act together, cause blocking the way'll get you ran over

Ain't no way I'ma let them stop me, cause we made the game and they copy

Perfected everyday struggling, now everybody wanna be like me

Aw naw, we ain't shining 24/7 I'ma keep on grinding

Drank to rap to bust a strap, and living the life while niggas trying

[Hook x4]

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