Trae - 2 Each It's Own

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[Trae talking]

I'd like to take this time out right now

to set the motherfuckin record straight

how the fuck somebody gonna tell my story for me?

if I ain't mistaken it's only one motherfuckin Trae around this bitch

what the fuck gives you the right to speak on my name

like you know what fuck goin on with me nigga

niggaz don't know shit, same ol' gossip ass, messy ass shit

nigga need to speak on your own self nigga, 2 each it's own

probably shouldn't even give y'all niggaz the time of day

but fuck it peep this...

[Verse 1]

Well off the bat let me expose the truth and the matter

it was never no easy task when I was climbin the ladder

but every time I hit the block the hood got somethin to say

whether Houston on down to Austin they stay speakin on Trae

shit they probably want me in jail cause I keep somethin to spray

I tryed to chill but they showed me that it ain't no other way

me and my kin folk don't even get to smile that much

I guess everybody hate the fact that we be grindin so much

and I ain't mad cause I figured it was comin one day

I can't even trust no niggaz or no woman today

I could've swore everybody said they was proud of a nigga

but act differant when they hit the other side and they clown on a nigga

but I ain't bothered unless a nigga really disrespectin

then ain't no more talkin till they ass get taught a lesson

2 each it's own so why they wanna act like they know mine

they probably think that they know me cause they listen to my rhymes

peep this I ain't get no love from nobody

other rappers thought they was better we was broker then everybody

only person who helped me and Ro was my nigga Roc

and all of my niggaz that's still affilated from the block, non stop

cause I got some niggaz ridin my back

until the Lord come back to get me I'll be guidin the pack

and it ain't hard cause every one of them is my family

loyalty till the death and that's why niggaz can't stand me

[Hook: Trae + Shyna]

Fuck what you thinkin niggaz really don't know me

still I keep singin get the fuck away from me

Fuck what you thinkin niggaz really don't know me

still I keep singin get the fuck away from me

[Shyna: sings till end]

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