Toxik - Technical Arrogance lyrics

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Is this what we are?<br />

Have we gone too far?<br />

Machines making views<br />

Pursue the new view of you<br />

From the very start<br />

Born to play the part<br />

To fit this old mold<br />

Jah God father<br />

Chorus<br />

Trapped within a growing need<br />

To step outside these bounds<br />

Create my own religion<br />

Walk my own sacred grounds<br />

All our lives we're trained to think<br />

Like generations passed<br />

To thy ownself be true, be new<br />

Fear of God punched in<br />

Programmed not to sin<br />

World that feeds on hate<br />

How can we relate?<br />

Instrumental<br />

Chorus<br />

Mechanized belief<br />

2000 years of grief<br />

The new age has come<br />

The return of the sun<br />

=======<br />

[the characters aren't available to present this title, it just<br />

says 'BURN JIM' upside down]<br />


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