Toxik - Spontaneous lyrics

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We fought in wars to defend all of our beliefs<br />

Now people starve in the streets at our feet<br />

In middle eastern lands war heros making plans<br />

We live out roles in their psychotic schemes<br />

Pre-chorus<br />

These lies are old, it's obvious<br />

Actions speak louder than words<br />

And though it seems we're oblivious<br />

The time is here for us to act before<br />

Chorus<br />

Spontaneous<br />

Our world burns up in flame<br />

Spontaneous<br />

For higher profit gains<br />

Spontaneous<br />

The time to act is now<br />

Spontaneous<br />

They talk retaliation like that might save this nation<br />

Theu'll be no more air left to breath - believe<br />

No second life, no second strike, I had a dream what it was like<br />

There was a flash and we were gone!<br />

Pre-chorus<br />

Chorus<br />

The path of destruction we're leading the way<br />

The cancer, the answer, to God we must pray<br />

Blind leading blind to an unearthly end<br />

Burned out and beaten no more to defend<br />

Solo<br />

Pre-chorus<br />

Chorus<br />


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