Toxik - Marley Your A Dyke lyrics

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Fuck you you hoe<br />

You will never be with joe<br />

So just give the fuck up<br />

your like a little pup<br />

you think your fucking slick<br />

but for two dollars you suck dick<br />

your a fucking slut<br />

and you like it in the butt<br />

<br />

Fuck You Marley<br />

You Stupid Dyke<br />

Cause your not the one<br />

That joe likes<br />

<br />

I dont fucking lie <br />

I hope you die<br />

If you dont croke<br />

on the cock you'll choke<br />

Your a fucking jew<br />

Steph's gunna beat the shit out of you<br />

Your no good in the sack<br />

Steph says for you to watch your back<br />

<br />

Fuck you marley <br />

You stupid Dyke<br />

Your not the one<br />

That Joe Likes

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