Toxik - Machine Dream lyrics

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You live this fuckin' rat race<br />

You think it gets you some place<br />

You're sold a bill of goods and taken in<br />

Perfections calling but you can't repay<br />

Your reflections appalling so harder you try<br />

You sit and puff that stogie<br />

That's your third cup of coffee<br />

But still you count those calories<br />

You can't win<br />

TV's the crime<br />

Training your mind<br />

No pain, no gain<br />

The pounds you retain<br />

Machine dream<br />

Machine dream believe<br />

Machine dream<br />

Machine dream believe<br />

The pressure that you're feeling<br />

More corporate wheeling, dealing<br />

Eat this, buy that, you fat rat<br />

Be perfect too!<br />

The image is perfections<br />

The difference is what's inside<br />

The shell is all that matters<br />

All the toys that you buy<br />

Chorus<br />

You're catching up with them<br />

But the Joneses always win<br />

Simple human race<br />

All value placed on face,<br />

Push, work, sweat, one more try<br />

Give it up!<br />


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