Toxik - Black And White lyrics

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Take a look at the big picture now<br />

See if you see what I see<br />

Homeless and starving right in our streets<br />

That's where attention should be<br />

The tv and media keep pushin' this shit in our face<br />

Televised coverage of civilized hatred disgraced<br />

Stereotype, it's the same hype, you've heard it all before<br />

We're all victims of the system<br />

I'll say no more!<br />

Black and white<br />

Martin Luther was a man with a dream<br />

Solutions for all creeds<br />

White bigots like Sharpton act and pretend<br />

That's how the white racists feed<br />

The new KKK and the young nazis say it's too late<br />

A new generation of racists wanting to hate<br />

Divide and conquer power mongers that's the way it's done<br />

To pit each other against his brother<br />

We're all God's sons!<br />

Black and white<br />

Solo<br />

Have you retained one thing that you've heard<br />

Or is it all over your head?<br />

Tension is rising dividing the state<br />

Inhaling lies you are fed<br />

These talk shows are booming where nothing constructive gets done<br />

Lashing out insults tell me now what's to be won?<br />

Politicians, word magicians they've got us fighting ourselves<br />

Simple logic with hands in our pockets<br />

We're all for sale!<br />

Black and white<br />


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