Toto - Fortune lyrics

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Jody(!?), can't you look at me?

Take the opportunity to work it out

You said you wanna better me

Then you say you think my luck is running out

It must have been a fantasy

I believe I was the only one!

Thought I was a worldly man

But boy, I learned a thing or two when I met you

I wagered big, it took me down

The senses are more familiar, it's like deja-vu

There's always been a part of me

Baby, that knew you right away!


Fortune favors unprepared (the way that you fall in love)

Fortune favors unprepared (I'm unprepared for the world)

Fortune favors unprepared!

(Verse 2)

You say you had a tragic life

But I can never understand just how bad you feel

It cuts you like a rusty knife

You shouldn't bend the storm and let me take the wheel

There's always been a part of me

That's been wauitin' for the rain



I took for granted that

You'd be here waiting

While life was sinking

While another fool abandons you

(Guitar solo)

(Chorus x2)

(Guitar solo)

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