Toto - Chinatown lyrics

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Take the cable car to Jackson

To Friday night affair

Battle runs since legendary honey cone

With an ounce of intuition

You can feel it in the air

This wooping boy has found a place to roam


As unfamiliar faces watch every move you make

And at midnight games just sneaking through the alley

Where they used to play


Down in Chinatown (woah-oh-oh-oh)

Where the nights are always longer than the day

Down in Chinatown (woah-oh-oh-oh)

With the dragon eyes that opened up the bay

Hey, hey, yeah!

(Verse 2)

There's a lair below the city where the bottom glamours go

Tryna find that thrill we'll never know

A woman pours the absinthe as the paper lanterns glow

I think this Jones is better left alone


The comandores are endless, it's not hard to lose your way

I been smoking, gambling till Saturday

Do you want to play?


(Guitar solo)


If the gather from the street line is the only way you know

You might run or play or sit down on Grand Avenue

Where it waits for you


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