Too Close To Touch

Too Close To Touch - Until I Collapse

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It's been a few years since I packed my bags, left all I knew

Fast fear, to define a life that's built on breaking through

How much longer will it take? No, I can't wait forever

I picture a painting in my mind, it seems like days are numbered


Maybe I'm the one a little scared of running weak and manic

Maybe you're the one who left me on the rout ______(?)

But even when it's simple waiting for it, too much to take

I won't be left for anything!

(Verse 2)

You call, there's a quiver in your voice that I read 'give up'

'Don't you think it's time you came back home to me?'

You've been chasing a dream, but dreams don't last forever

Doing each more than anything, but at least we'll have each other



______(?) guide me where the clock is ticking

Long enough to get me what I'll be better off

Go be on your own, here without a home

Tell me what I can't quit shaking

While I'm bleeding and it's taking

I don't know anymore what I'm here fighting for

This is bigger than the both of us

Yeah, you know you aren't my trust anymore

(Chorus x2)

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