Too Close To Touch

Too Close To Touch - The Chase

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feat. Kellin Quinn


Now are comin’ dreams distinct into my memory

I thought of what could be

Just get all bless and get the best of me

And now live off no how,

This like the things always go down

What if I could find you now,

And we can remember what it’s like to feel


All this time make me in all this time

It’s something real this time

Make me beat this time between the lines, between the lines


If you make upon your plan

Beat me up just one time

Don’t let me fall x 2

Out of your hands

If you let me out of your plans

Make me all just ________(?) don’t make me sound like this

Whatever like you

Am I break down, that _______(?) is on

But where we pall, and what we left behind

(Pre-hook) + (Hook)


Give me a chance to make you move

What’s on to lose, so much ________(?) wanna prove and I could get to you

Alright this all dreams ____(?) into my memory


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