Too Close To Touch

Too Close To Touch - Someday

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It's the way, it's the way that you've always

Had your thumb on me, pushing down to make me feel so empty

Every sound, every taste, is so about the energy you spoil

While you're drowning in a dream that capsized


Well, that doesn't fit you at all

We're at the end of the hall

It's starting to tense while you reach for you bypass

To learn how to swim


Oh, someday I will be something

You will be somewhere that you're just out of reach

Oh, someday I will be somewhere

You will be something that you never believed, in me

(Verse 2)

So alive, sucker life, I believed in you

Got the hole, got the lock, forget the words you leave behind

I'll wait forever, no more debating however

The world is our pretend, I'm sitting here, no answers anyway




You never believed, wait and see

Now cuz she said you can't

When all you did was disappear

We hide our faults and pick ourselves back up

Oh, when you'd kill our souls

Nowhere left to go and we refuse to fall

All you wait and see


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