Too Close To Touch

Too Close To Touch - Hell To Pay

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feat. Telle Smith

Rewind back to then

See, I was just a kid and I didn’t know

Ooh mother, why did you go?

And that’s all I want

Ooh God I need this,

But they don’t had despite, disguise

The eternal lift and plot your life


Paradise for a moment

Back to life, you understand

Better hope we all cross back cuz we had today


Are you better watch out now,

You carry on what you do ooh

I’mma maintain and I’ll get to you

Am I feeling the regret, I’m hoping that you get on that and never miss you

Be on the set and my brothers won’t forget

Answer just for the first time in eight years old

So I won’t, so long

All cowards claim in that

All force will esteem

But the fairytale will break your home and make it start



I know I never say it

But you did for both of us

You can’t be strong

It’s hard enough to see the rather need for us

It’s hard enough to walk when we can bury be alone

It’s hard

You rather try to break away

It’s hold on our soul, don’t let go, don’t let go

[First time throw above your arm

Stag and still, I’m running out of time

Where were you when I need it you

You said you was there for me, throw it all] x 2

(Hook) x 2

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