TONY TOUCH - The Abduction lyrics

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(feat. Wu-Tang Clan)


Okay.. the GZA

Tony Touch classic, knowhatI'msayin?

We gonna bang y'all, in the head one time

Blaze up on y'all one time real fast (Do the mix and all that shit)

Knamsayin, word up (Make it make it a record real quick, do yo' thang)

Throw ya seatbelts on, ahhight?

(Yeah, hook it up, make it a record, get down yo)

I take y'all niggas straight, +Beneath the Surface+

to the core, if it ain't raw its worthless

Pentab professional, hold the ink

while river rats fall off the raft and sink

Tony let a brother Touch, twenty bar rush

The way we push through equivalent to rocket thrust

Allah just, I lay it for the mix tapes

Quick to quake a label-mate

The sound came outta rusted crate

Surrounded by cobwebs

Beat smooth enough to slide through like bobsleds

On a cold white snow, plus with the right flow

Wu-Tang niggaz they shine and make the mic glow

[Masta Killa]

We killin all gorillin with all that screwfacin

Pacin back and forth looking savage, stop it

[RZA aka Bobby Digital]

Whether plugged in or plugged out

Iron drill mugged or thugged out

Blood in or blood out, son was bugged out

Might look at you and slice you

Buck fifty face stupid and say but run Nike swoop

Who the fuck you think let y'all wild niggas in

Allowed you to put down ya guns, and raise ya pen

Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig, we don't fuck with no pig

We teach the kids, you rather have a bullet or a word to your wig

Murder rates increases, bullet holes the size of fifty cent pieces

Don't worry about the weed or pussy, I read books

I'm liable to mate'cha king with three rooks

You see the Wu W raised in black fists

Maybe Tony Touch, Concord needle will scratch this

The ice cube link you bought, from the Jew for 80 G's

was only appraised at fourty-two

Gazed upon by the eyes of multitude

of people, who would trade gold for food

I heard boar's head killed more than nuclear's warhead

Or street serfs who walk around dressed in all red

Bobby Digi said if you ever in Compton or Long Beach

Break my sons Doc Doom and Crisis wit a nice piece

[Masta Killa]

Penetrate on mix tape, with the legislation

Illustrate constant elevation

Spark friction, Shawshank Golden Arm Redemption

Endorsed my the Masta inscription signature

[Inspecta Deck]

Off top my unorthodox style of attack

is like Hannibal rollin on elephant's backs

Pack a long barrel, bustin off strong ammo

My light so vast I cast twenty foot shadows

First family, fifth cappo, micro to macro

Load it in ya head play it back slow

Act like you know, this is no drill

Murderous rap revealed goin for kill

On these New York city sidewalks we walk

Camoflauge, dodgin the eyes of the hawk

Kani Sport, totin the fifth, slidin off

My live source movin across with brute force

Bloodsport, anymore heads face the blade

Fakers must fade, the stakes are now raised

Words of murder, suspense, and intrigue

Make major league niggaz show signs of fatigue

My Killer Bees span wider than seven seas

Squeeze on MC's, with bullet train speed

Tony's Touch create more gold than Midas

Ya highness, all in ya head, like ya hair stylus

[Ghostface Killa]

Frosty mug, big ring leaders top secret thug

Lampin in cheaters Orenthal with the murder glove

Boat of the town, devilish grin look peculiar

Swung on this faggot, knocked the windows outta Silvia's

Timb's got scuffed up, my ankles got sprained, that's my word

To ever single seat I smack flames

Staten Island's bayside of teachers of Elijah

Thrown out the temple, non-calodic wit the father

Nickname's Pudding, Clarence 13X before the Will Smith's

and the limelights of Cuba Gooding

Lost in the cosmos, explodin through a quasar

Be duckin pulsars, organic stay still be the Gods

Tony Touch, Tony Touch

Word up

Big Face Ghost in effect

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